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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yummy Taiwan | Fahrenheit 88

I was shopping with Mom in Fahrenheit88 and we were finding a place to have meal after shopping. Then we bump into this place since Mom was not in mood to have Sushi that day. It is located at the corner with long walking alley before you can reach the place, but luckily they understand the situation and placed the menu and flyers before the walk in alley so that at least people notice the place. I was attracted to the design and decoration of the place more than their promotion.

Currently, they are having a promotion- Buy 1 and get 2nd same or lower price item at 50% when you flash their coupon. However, I wasn't having any coupon that day but I still get to enjoy the discount. You could get the coupon on the counter or outside the restaurant. Even if you don't have the coupon, they still offer the discount for you.

The variety of the food provided wasn't that much compare to most of the Taiwan Restaurant.

Bubble Milk Tea-RM4.90
The look of the milk tea is a bit brownish and it taste like cocoa with milk more than milk tea. The pearl wasn't that springy(a bit soft..=( ) compare to other bubble milk tea stall.

Osyster Mee Sua Set Meal-RM 9.50
Mee Sua was not bad but I don't see any osyster inside, maybe it was too small. Instead I ate a few pieces of  pig intestines if not mistaken because it has very strong smell of pork. I think the intestines really spoilt the soup because of the smell. I personally quite sensitive on the food smell. Besides, the set also came with two small side dishes-beancurb skin and boiled taro with tuna. The side dishes weren't that nice at all. The beancurb skin (I'm not really sure about that) taste kind of weird. The tuna instead contain very strong fishy smell however the boiled taros were very nice and springy when you eat it. I guess they need more improvement in the side dishes.

Hot Crispy Chicken Rice Set -RM11.50
I like this dish. The Crispy Chicken was very big piece with chilli powder on top. It wasn't spicy like it look to be. The timing of deep frying the chicken was just nice which make it taste quite nice and crispy on the outside.

Anyway, dining in are subjected to 10% service charge without government tax in this restaurant. The price of the food I could said it is quite reasonable especially in KL area.

Yummy Taiwan
Fahrenheit 88
2nd Floor, Lot 2-27(1),
179 Jln. Bukit Bintang,
55100 W.P Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21414725/ 012-2405844

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