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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kam Heong Stewed Duck Rice | PJ State

Today, I introduced about duck rice. I personally a duck lover and no matter stewed duck or roasted duck I will sure be there for it. Now, I will like to recommend is the famous stewed duck (Lo Ngap) rice in PJ state. I stay near PJ state and always pass by without knowing there is a duck rice shop until my bf recommended me. I think I should explore more in PJ side now. Kam Heong Restaurant is a coffee shop beside OUB bank and just opposite of Menara MPPJ. In the morning, this coffee shop sell the popular Prawn Mee and Claypot Porridge. While in the evening, it is the stewed duck rice that will be taken over the whole coffee shop.

Anyway, if you are first time there, find a seat for you and family. Take a seat, there will have people to come to your table to take order. Even if you prefer to order over the counter, you may do so. So far they have not miss any of my order yet.

 Stewed Duck (Lo Ngap)
The duck meat is so tender and juicy with the gravy around, make me call for another bowl of rice. The meat is soft and not like those roasted duck meat which is more harder to eat.

 Stewed Pork Leg
Dad and brother like it very much. I wasn't really like to eat big chunk of pork like this one. But it is very nice, the meat is cooked until tender and soft. The potion is ordered according to number of head. 

 Salty Vegetables
I love this very much. The salty vegetables wasn't salty at all. It is about the same as sour vegetables but it doesn't taste sour at all. It is cooked with the pork oil. A good dish to eat with the duck which stimulate your taste bud before you start your meal.

Stewed Egg
The eggs were cooked in the gravy for a few hours which we can see that the egg become brownish colour. The eggs has totally absorb the gravy which is the main purpose of how stewed eggs created. It is really nice.

Total we (4 pp) have pay around RM 38.00 for the whole dinner without the drinks. 
8 Jalan Tengah, 
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin,
Petaling Jaya New Town
Business Hours : 5pm – 10pm

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