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Thursday, September 08, 2011

My Rice My Favourite...| IOI Mall

I bought two vouchers from WEBUY last month to get a 4" x 4" Chicken Monster Ricgger with Soft Drink, French Fries and Ice cream. Besides, RM 2 Cash Voucher is given for Next Visit. I bought for only RM6 instead of RM14 (normal price). The place is located near GSC cinema. You could spot it easily as it have really red and huge signboard. It is a Rice serving fast-food restaurant and have free WiFi. Besides, it is a HALAL restaurant.

To order your meal, walk to the counter in front. Drinks will be given at the counter, but food will be served by the waiters.You just have to wait for you food to arrived at your table. 

The environment was not bad, but seem like not really much customers like to hang in here. I arrived around 1pm and the place was empty. We picked to sat at the window place where we could see the view of a big pond.

There are a few type of soft drink you can choose from and also a few type of Ice-cream which are included in the voucher.

Here's the main character of the day: Chicken Monster Ricgger with French Fries. I love the fries, it is hot from the fryer and crispy like those Mcd fries. The important part is they are generous! See the pouring out know what I mean.

  Chicken Monster Ricgger
Oh ya, the big moster! It taste not bad, very big potion. I was having a harsh time to actually bite it with my fully open mouth. The burger was big. If I have to compare with Mcd's burger, this is double the height and width of Mcd's burger. The chicken blended very well to make into the patty, I think it mix with other ingredients other than the chicken meat because it is not those normal Ramlee burger meat but more like McChicken burger but thicker. However, I found it quite messy to eat because it came with too much Thousand Island in it and make me feel a bit bored after a few bite.

Here is their website

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