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Monday, October 24, 2011

Alexis Bistro | Jalan Ampang

Finally I got the photos from my colleague to finish up my review for Alexis. Alexis is the place I came about and was suggested by some colleagues to celebrate Ginny's farewell. We visited the nearest outlet from our office which is located at Great Eastern Mall. The place is 5,000 sq ft. which can fit in 150 seats and private room with 24 seats.

Every Friday and Saturdays night, Alexis Bistro brings you live jazz performances showcases internationally renowned musicians and local legends. The performances normally start around 10pm.

Caesar Salad-RM19
Served with beef bacon and parmesan

Baked Button Mushroom-RM16
Fresh button mushroom with the special cheesy sauce, taste really nice. Must Try!

Angelhair Aglio Olio-RM 40
with grilled yabbies, extra virgin oil
My first impression for this dish is another "nice look but not to eat" dish. I always believe that simply dish decorated with expensive ingredients won't bring good taste to the dish. This indeed appear to this dish. The taste doesn't match the grilled yabbies at all. 

Linguine Vongole-RM34
served with fresh clams and chardonnay sauce

Lightly Fried Calamari Rings-RM18
Everyone love fried calamari and this did not disappoint us and we ordered 2 plates.

Chilli Salt Chicken Wings-RM16
The marinated chicken meat is tender and juicy, combination with chilli makes a interesting dish.

Ai Frutti Di Mare-RM38
served with seafood, tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh herbs
Thin crust pizza with lots of seafood on top but it is lacking of flavour. I guess they too emphasize on the seafood where they missed the important part which is the pizza dough and tomatoes paste. 

It was highly recommended by my colleagues, a must try dessert if you are in Alexis. I got shocked at first when looking at the cake. I never thought that Tiramisu could have fancy look with nuts all over it. It look very nice and taste not bad too.

I like this cake compare to Tiramisu, although both share the same sweetness. The crispy crust on the outer and light and soft inner with berries just can not resists to have one more bite.

Alexis Bistro Wine Bar
Lot 10 & 11, Great Eastern Mall,
303 Jalan Ampang, 50450
Kuala Lumpur
Tel no: 03-42602288

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