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Thursday, December 08, 2011

(CLOSED) Kimchi Korean Restaurant | Tropicana City Mall

I brought my brother to visit this shop since he has not try any Korean Food before. We have pass through this shop for many times but never try it out. The design of the shop was quite simply and nice. it actually located beside the Otak-Otak place, very easy to spot the pinky signboard but the shop name is abit small.

Orders came along with 6 side dishes. The side dishes are more to our Malaysian's taste.

Tak Book Ko Kee (chicken) -RM 38.80
The potion is quite big, enough for 3 person. I personally like it very much especially the sauce. It is a bit spicy and sweet mix up with cabbage, mushrooms, chilli and chicken meat. There are two choices to choose from either chicken or seafood.

Kimchi Jjgae-RM 18.80
The soup wasn't really nice except it taste spicy only.

Dwen Jang Jjigae-RM16.80
We ordered the seafood Bean Paste which came with some shrimp, clams, tofu and mushrooms. The taste wasn't strong at all. Like I mentioned before I love Doenjang Jjigae very much but this really disappointed me. 

Pa Jeon-RM16.80
Korean Pancake that have no taste and the pancake is so soggy. Barely anyone want to continue after the 1st try. I can said that it is a bit failure on the pancake.

Kimchi Korean Restaurant
L1-57, First Floor,
Tropicana City Mall, PJ.

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