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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Aladdin the Musical-Gala Premier

Last Friday, I got free tickets from to watch the gala premier of Aladdin the Musical which was presented at Sunway Lagoon. The show was suppose to start at 8pm but due to the rain and VIPs, they have to delay the show to around 9pm. 

  This is the entrance to the show. JD and Dilly-Mixfm DJs were there too with costumes.

A very nice stage which really bring out the feel of middle east.

The market place where Aladdin meet Jasmine (the princess). In the show, there are some chickens(real livestocks) wandering around the place. We were so attracted by the chicks and chickens at that time..haha.. 

The hip-hop Genie that dance whenever he was call. Very funny genie. He even dance the Nobody Nobody korean song.

The flying carpet which Genie provide for Aladdin to impress Jasmine.

See the video below:

Lastly, the dancers bowed for the end of the show.

All the dancers and cast prepare to say goodbye.

Too many photos in my computers which unable for me to load everything in, I just picked some of them. You can still see it from my FB photos. I love the show. It is not the original Aladdin story we watch in the movie but the storyline is the same except that it is more modern and funnier show with lots of recently songs I always listen in Mixfm.

For your information, in case you are interested in the show. The musical start from 25 Nov 2011- 2 Jan-2012. There is still plenty of time for you to watch it with your friends and family.

Tickets can be purchased from:
Victoria Music Outlets
Rock Corner Outlets

The date and showtime are as below:

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