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Monday, January 16, 2012

Carl's JR. | Sunway Pyramid

I know I'm a bit outdated to find myself to try this place for now. Anyway, I'm finally here. Big burgers on the way..Woohooo...Carl's Jr Malaysia outlet actually started in 23rd of July 2007. They have been operate for more than 4 years in Malaysia and I just started to try it out now.:(

I ordered their combo set which came with a burger, fries and free flow drink. If you want a medium size, just add addition RM1.50 and add addition RM3.00 to have large combo. 

Free flow drink such as soft drink, cold tea, ice lemon tea and coffee
The photo above is the medium size drink which just add another RM1.50.

You will have to order from the counter but they will give a a number and your cup to fill your drink yourself at the drink counter. The waiters will served you your burger and fries once ready.

Here's our meal! Natural-cut fries taste really great compare to Mcd fries. It taste more natural and do not feel like eating plastic.

Carl's Catch Fish Sandwich-RM13.45
The burger come with two crispy battered fish fillets, tartar sauce, crisp lettuce and tomatoes on a sesame  seed bun. I like this very much. The fish fillets really crispy and the potion was big. I can't manage to finish it all by myself.

Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich-RM18.45
This burger come with a crispy chicken fillet with melted cheese, crispy chicken bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and ranch sauce on the seeded bun. When I bite on the burger, first thing I heard was the crispy bite sound, it is the bacon really crispy and nice. I didn't really like the chicken fillet, a bit dry and it taste like chicken breast. overall the taste was great.

I still think the price was a bit pricey for burger although the potion was quite big.

 Carl's Jr
LG2.121, Marrakesh,
Sunway Pyramid
Tel: (603) 5622 1533
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