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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cameron Trip-Day 3

Day 3 before we start our journey back to KL. We checked out in the morning so that we could enjoy our breakfast in Tanah Rata. I saw from the net that many people reviewed about this place. How can I miss the place where good food is served?

Uncle Chow Kopitiam is the only kopitiam at that area where you can easily spotted. They placed a lot of signboards throughout Tanah Rata. I just follow the signboard to reach the place.
I was greeted by Uncle Chow from far when I walk in. He is very friendly and introduce us their famous dishes from the menu.

Hot Tea to start our last morning in Cameron.
We would not have time to enjoy this kind of morning once we are back to the busy city. I really miss those time I could have morning tea. 

Curry Laksa-RM8.90
How good is it? Try it yourself! :) 
To me, I think it is more to Curry chicken with mee.
 The curry is very thick, different from those Thai's curry laksa. Very special and nice! 

Nasi Lemak-RM8.90
Nasi Lemak with rendang chicken, my favourite! 
The chilli was not very spicy, do not worry for those who can not take spicy food.
From my experience of taking nasi lemak for more than 20 years, I rated this above average.:)

Fried Kuey Teow-RM6.00
This is not their famous dish, but I still order because I saw bloggers reviewed about it.
Is it nice? Not really.
Not wonder they did not rate good for themselves on this dish.
The kuey teow is quite oily and doesn't bring the aroma.
I recommend to order those Uncle Chow recommended which are items from No 1-5 in their menu.

Uncle Chow Kopitiam
C2-G-01 Block C2,
Taman Royal Lily,39000 Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: 6012-205 2778

We went back to the Market stalls near Equatorial Hotel to buy some fresh flower and vegetables. Vegetables were sold quite cheap there. There have different kind of prices like 10 packets for RM10, 3 for RM10 and 4 for RM10. It depend what type of vegetables you are looking for and the quatities.

Before we continue our journey back, we visited the Rose Valley.
 Entrance Fee: RM4 per person.
A good place to take photos. Lots of different kind of flowers inside.  Really beautiful.

After Rose Valley, we planned to drive straight back to KL without any stop since it is quite late for us. But then, I was too attracted to the Chocolate Shop at Green View Garden. Unfortunately, the chocolate shop is not open that day. So I went in Green View Garden to have a look at the place.

They do sell some products like chocolates, strawberry jam, snack and etc. The attracted part is there is a cafe selling dessert. All the menu emphasize on their strawberry. *Blink* Food! Oh yes, immediately I start thinking what to order on my mind. hehe..

Strawberry Juice + Blueberry Strudel=RM14.90
Strawberry Juice
A bit sour but really freshly squeeze strawberry juice. Very nice!

Blueberry Strudel
I love it after one bite. The pastry is soft, not very sweet. The whip cream goes very nice with the pastries and blueberry. Just suit my taste. One isn't enough.

Red Devil-RM15.90
It is strawberry ice blended with milk plus whip cream and strawberry topping. The juice was thick and taste quite nice plus not too sweet either. I really hope KL have something like this. I will sure visit everyday. :D

Green View Garden
11, Taman Matahari Cerah,
39010 Kampung Raja, 
Cameron Highlands
Tel no: 05-4981982
Open daily: 9am-7pm

Cameron Highlands really a nice place to visit for relaxation. The place was not that cold any more compare to last time. I really enjoy my days spent in Cameron. Oh no, it's time for me to go back to my daily routine of working in the busy and stress city! I want holidays! T.T

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