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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nak Won Korean BBQ | Jalan Ampang

I am back with Korean food this time after a long rest from having Korean food for 3 months. This time, I am going to bring you to the Korean Village at Ampang where I will introduce you really cheap and good Korean  food. I went there after craving for some Korean food, planned to visit Mureung Dowon but the place was fully booked due to the Groupon offer recently. So, I headed to Ampang Jaya a.k.a Korean Village. The place was full of Korean Restaurants, I guess there are more than 10 restaurants. So why I choose Nak Won instead of others? Recommended by my friend since I'm not sure which to choose, but I never regret of visiting the place.

Lets us look at the food.
9 side dishes that will come along no matter what you order. This is the common thing when you have meal in Korean Retaurant in case you are not aware. It is F.O.C, no charge for this side dishes plus you can refill unlimited times. So far, I manage to finish 6 sides only as 3 sides are mainly Kimchi ingredient,s not my favourite.

Bean Paste Seafood Soup-RM15
If you are those frequent follower of my blog, you know that each Korean food post, I sure have bean paste soup. I love it too much! For this time, I can't denied how much I like it too. The bean paste soup is a set meal which will come with a steam egg, soup and rice. The portion is enough for 2 person. First time I ever see so big pot of soup with crab and prawns as the seafood ingredients.  How will it not worth with that price and portion? How the taste? Light and smooth bean paste soup with lots of ingredient. I just love it!

Steam egg that come from the bean paste soup
It will be better if they put a little bit of soya sauce/ salt which give it some taste. I still prefer light and smooth steam egg than hard and rough steam egg. 

 3 Ply Pork BBQ-RM23 per pax
 I only order 1 pax portion. Luckily I did not order more although it was one of my favourite. With the soup set, I hardly can finish everything. This portion was actually enough for 2 person if you are not those meat eater. Again reminder to those who have not try Korean food before, never try to BBQ the meat yourself. You will be served. The waiter there will help to BBQ the pork meat and cut into small pieces for you to eat with the lettuces and other ingredients.

Here is how it look after the meat is cook! They will cut into small pieces and left it on the hot plate. They will removed the charcoal and fire from over burn the meat. Be caution when they removed the charcoal as the table was quite small, you are easily to get near to the charcoal.

Lastly, they will served you some fruits and a bowl of dessert which is sweet syrup which make from rice (you can see some rice at the bottom). It taste really nice, clear you stomach after a heavy meal. Really understand customer's needs.  I love the place. Total bill = RM46 only for 2 person without service charge!

Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant
A11-1-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2,
Business Ave, Ampang Jaya, 6800 Ampang.
Tel: 03-4253 4249

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benjaminvai said...

that place a lot of other korean restaurants and shops right? a lot koreans stay there wan!

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