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Monday, April 09, 2012

Hokkaido Cake by RT Pastry House

Anyone hear of RT Pastry House? It is famous for its cakes and pastries. I went to Pavillion the other day with my brother. He spotted the stalls at Tokyo Street, just in front of Daiso. Many people was surrounding the stall. Everyone is buying the Hokkaido cake. It really look very nice, see below photos.

We bought 1 box of Hokkaido cake-original. They have Strawberry flavour too and recently on 1st of April they have launched another new flavour which is chocolate flavour. They are having a promotion for the new flavour for RM8.50 (NP: RM9.80)- 3 pieces a box. 
 6 pieces for RM16.80
It is make into small pieces like a cupcake but bigger in size. How good is the cakes? It is as delicious as how it look like to be. It taste like butter cake but creamy inside. The cake was very very very soft. One bite smelted in your mouth with the cream add more spice into your day. Do I need to praise it so well? Oh yes, because it is too good not to have it!

Look at the soft and smooth skin, I just can't help myself to finish it off in one go. Anyway, the cake can only be keep for 3 days under cold temperature of 2-5 Degree Celsius. It is all fresh made and of course you have to freshly consume it.

You can log in to the website to place an order or even visit the shop (4 outlets in KL). For more info visit

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