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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coco 都可茶饮 | SS15 Subang (Moved to Times Square)

Last Saturday, I was invited to review on a bubble milk tea shop. Thanks to the owner, Peter who invited me after looking through my blog. Let me briefly explain about this shop. Coco Fresh Tea and Juice is a Taiwanese beverage which sell bubble milk tea since 1997 and now it is in Malaysia. Thanks to Peter and his partners to bring in Coco to our Malaysia, we are now able to try out the beverage without having to travel so far.

Coco都可茶饮 is the 1st outlet in Malaysia and also KL. If you have been to Taiwan and China, probably you will see lots of Coco outlet there, they have 800 shops world-wide now. Coco is located at SS15 which is just few shops away from Starbucks, you wont miss the shop as there is a bright orange signboard to catch your eye. The shop just newly open since February 2012 and I was told that every month they will have new promotion for different kind of beverage. 

A good place to hang out and chit chat with friends. I like the interior decoration, a bit feel of Victorian-esque. If you notice it carefully, you can see that there are around 5 different kind of furnitures. You have the choice to choose your favourite spot everytime you visit the place!

Here is the place where your drink is make! All clean and neat.

Let us look at the menu. There are 5 ranges of beverage and more than 50 choices to be choose from. You can choose the sugar level and ice level for your drinks like other bubble milk tea shop provide now. You can also top-up your drink to large with extra RM1 only. Not much choices of topping to add in but I think all the beverages without topping are real nice too. You can taste the real original taste of it.

Are you ready to look at the beverages?

Okay, Let's go!
Mango Slush Coco Pudding- RM 6.90
It taste like Mango Ice Blended with pudding. The ice was shaved rather rough a bit but it really depend on the person taste, some may like it to be rough so that you can chew on the ice,but some may like it to be fine. I kind of like the taste of pudding with mango, normally we get to drink only Ice blended with Mango flavour but with the pudding, it feel like getting more interesting in the drink. 

Cream Mango with Passion Fruit - RM5.90
If you are Gong Cha fan, you probably know the signature drink there, yes the cream with tea. Coco too have cream with tea and I like it much more than Gong Cha Signature Milk Tea. The cream is sweet rather than salty, taste like the whipped cream, delicious! Passion fruit is added inside too, you wont get bore of having drink only. On top of the cap, they provide a small plastic knife to cut open the lid so that you can enjoy the cream. It have an advantage is you wont have to worry about the drink to spill when you order take away as the lid is sealed.

Small plastic knife but sharp enough to help you open the lid. * Taada* now you can enjoy the cream!

3 Brothers-RM6.90
It is a combination of Milk Tea with Pearl, Pudding and Grass Jelly. 3 types of toppings, all are in black which make it named as 3 brothers I guess. Milk tea taste normal, not much different with other milk teas in the market except that they provide more toppings in the drink. You can have a try and taste how different when 3 of them are mix in. I was told that the pearl can be used in 3 hours only, after 3 hours they will throw it away and cook again to ensure the customers always serve with fresh pearls as well as the milk tea.

Mango Yakult- RM 6.90
First time for me to see Yakult is use in a bubble milk tea shop. Yakult's fan must come and have a try. So far, we only get to try the original taste of Yakult. Have you think of how will it taste with the mixture of Mango, Lemon, Grapefruit or Green Tea? Then, you can try it out here. 

Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly-RM6.90
I like the fresh milk, at least better than Chatime's Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk. The milk taste more natural  not that artificial. If you are a fresh milk's fan like me, must try it out! 

2 Ladies-RM6.90
It is a combination of coffee jelly and coco pudding. It taste more like those "Cham" (mixture of coffee and tea) we had in kopitiam but this is with jelly and pudding. Taste quite nice, another special drinks we rarely find elsewhere.

Bubble Gaga-RM6.90
They most favourite drink by customer. I do agree with it, all of us love it. It really look like lady gaga, mixture of passion fruit tea with passion fruit seed, pearl and coconut jelly. I have to praise on its passion fruit seed, taste very crunchy and special. Don't worry, the seed can be consume, it wont grow plant on your tummy :D. The drink was not too sweet (all the drinks are served in normal sugar level), taste very refereshing and won't make you get thirsty after drinking it. This is definitely the must try one!

7 of it and 3 of us. Will we finish it? Yes, we did it without leaving a single drop of it. Too much temptation, can't resist it !

I found this quite interesting inside the shop. I was told it was design by The One academy lecturer. It contained the history of Coco and details on the tea is brewed and their number of outlets world-wide. The whole picture is very colourful and attractive.

Finally I have the chance to take a photo with Peter. Thanks for the drinks! I will come back soon. My friends went the next day after I introduced to them. They love it! I will definitely come back but the parking there..uh..wish me luck! haha..

Coco 都可茶饮
73, Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya,

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