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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Kaffa Cafe | China Street @ Penang

I am back to Penang!! Oh Yes! How can I not introduce new food place?? I was back for my cousin's wedding and after the wedding's ceremony, we were hungry and thinking of what to eat. Suddenly, dad suggested us a new place for western food. Hohoho..This time, I have new post for Penang food.

Kaffa Cafe at China Street is the one I am going to introduce to you. They have another outlet in Strait Quay. Anyway, Kaffa cafe @ China Street is exactly at the T Junction facing the famous Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Teng) in Penang. Very easy to find if you follow from the temple direction.

So, what so nice about this place? Dad said the food was not bad with reasonable price. I like the environment, it feel like Kopitiam but more modern style and cleaner. I choose to sit outside which is far from the air-conditioner area. It was burning hot that day but I still prefer outside with more natural air and sun light, make me more relax.
Empty tables for outside area but it was crowded inside. I guess Malaysian still prefer air-con area. 

White Coffee Unsweetened- RM3.90
The white coffee comes with a small piece of cookie. Mom simply just loved it. For a hot burning day like that, mom still ordered hot coffee.. *Salute* 

Peach Tea-RM 5.50
I didn't really like the peach tea very much, taste very fake. What I mean fake here is, the taste was not natural but more to artificial type. Not good!

Mango Juice-RM4.00
It doesn't look like fresh Mango Juice to me. It is those mango juice from packet.

Honey Lemon-RM5.50
Honey Lemon taste far more better than Peach Tea. Should have order this. The ratio of honey and lemon mix up just nice. The best drink for a hot day.

Mushroom Chicken-RM13.90
It comes with Mushroom Sauce, French fries and Mix Lettuce. The Mushroom Sauce was thick with lots of small slices of mushroom pour over the whole grilled chicken thigh. The grilled chicken was juicy inside and totally well cooked. The mushroom sauce was simply splendid! Must Try!

Chicken Marinara-RM13.90
The Chicken Marinara comes with Mozzarella Cheese, French Fries and Mix Lettuce. This chicken chop looks special to me. Red tomato paste on top of chicken chop. Normally what I see is those Chicken Maryland type but this taste great too. Everyone loved it, it seem you never know if you never try. The chicken was well cooked and the meat was tender and juicy. Great job chef! Must try!

Kaffa Lemongrass Chicken-RM13.90
Their signature dish I guess with their shop name on it. My brother ordered this and the portion was a bit small for his size. Hahaha.. I guess signature dish always come in small portion; good thing always come in small. It is another type of grilled chicken but with some spice like lemongrass. The chicken didn't really bring much lemongrass fragrant.

Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang-RM12.90
Whole chicken thigh cooked with rendang together with the nasi lemak. Dad loved it very much. Normally, if you have ordered Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang before at any cafe, do you receive such big portion of chicken rendang? No, but here they have! Dad loved the rendang and sambal, taste very very nice he said. He was still thinking of it when we were on our way back home. I guess this dish leave him a good impression. :D

Kaffa Cafe
No. 72 & 74, China Street,
10200, Penang.
Business start from 8am- 10p.m

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Funny2046 said...

HI, I do like the food in Kaffa Kafe too, as I have tried the one in Airport last week

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