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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Nasi Lemak @ Bukit Gantang

Whenever, my family on our way back to Penang, we always stop by Bukit Gantang Rest Area for our all-time favourite nasi lemak and teh tarik. There are two stalls selling nasi lemak and we used to buy from the left hand side stalls which consists of nasi lemak with egg but the taste has deteriorate and the rice has a smell of cockroach. Therefore, we no longer buy from there. For now we prefer the nasi lemak stall on the right hand side which is named D'Hentian Selera. You can see it from the photo below.

Outside of the packaging, you can see the name of Rokiah Idris nasi lemak. Yes, this is the one I'm saying! Remember the name when you choose your nasi lemak!
Nasi Lemak-RM1.50 

The nasi lemak consists of sambal bilis, peanuts and a small piece of salted fish. The potion was indeed a bit small. We usually take two packets of it. What I love the most is the sambal which suited our taste very much. 

Teh Tarik-RM2.00
It used to be my dad's favourite drink whenever he stop by here. But recently, dad realised that the taste of the teh tarik has change. They no longer used Marigold's condensed milk but Dairy Champ which lost the fragrant in the teh tarik. I can see both dad and brother were quite disappointed with the teh tarik as they used to loved.

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