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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Restaurant Tua Huat | SS2

We went to try this restaurant that was recommended by my brother; it was near to his office and he happen to like the claypot yam yee mee very much. Restaurant Tua Huat is located in SS2, at the same row with the Nanking vegetarian restaurant towards the end, which is also near to Sin Chew Jit Poh and Lisa de Inn hotel.

At first glance, the place seem like very run down and old, and indeed it is. But this is exactly why you can find some great food here that are so hard to be found in other modern and commercialized restaurants.
Parang Fish Cake (西刀鱼片) - RM4.00 Per Piece
One of their famous dish is this Parang Fish Cake, and the picture is of one piece that is quite long actually. Although I'm not a fan of fish balls and fish cakes, my brother actually likes this very much. I guess it goes well with the noodles and yee mee in terms of taste.

 Spring Roll (五香春卷) - RM9.00 Per Roll
We ordered the Spring Roll to try it out, but we were utterly shocked when it was served. We have no idea it was this huge! The portion for one roll is enough for 4 persons I think and it taste not bad, like the hokkien Lobak or Bak Kien but only just a few times larger. I personally still prefer the taste of Lok Bak.

Vegetable of the day (青菜)- RM8.00 (small) / RM10.00 (medium) / RM12.00 (large)
The vegetable of the day was Chinese spinach (番薯苗). It was nice, but just like any regular stir fried vege in restaurants. 

Braised Pork Bee Hoon (扣肉米粉) - RM13.00 (Medium) / RM17.00 (Large)
Our first main dish is this Braised Pork Bee Hoon. I like this very much, absolute must try! The braised pork also tastes great and is very soft, but I think the dish is just slightly too oily. Maybe this is just the way to stir fry noodles in the old days, and I do like this dish very much... just that I might not be too fond to eat it everyday. The price is quite good for its value, and the smallest portion for this dish is medium, which should be enough for 2 persons.

 Claypot Yam Pork-Rib Noodle Yee Mee (瓦煲芋头排骨伊面) - RM15.00 (Medium) / RM20.00 (Large) 
Another main dish we tried out was this Claypot Yam Pork Rib Yee Mee. Again, the smallest size is medium, but we were also shocked to see how big it was! The potion is enough for 4 persons. The taste is good, but it doesn't have too much ingredients though; the yam was probably not cooked enough and it was quite hard. Overall, I still think this is a good dish to try out when you visit this place. Not many other places do offer this dish after all.

Will I come back to this place? Of course it would be a yes! Despite it being quite old, it actually feels quite warm and comfortable though... Strange, I know. But just remember, don't order too much on your visit here! :D

Restaurant Tua Huat 
50G, Jalan 19/3,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact: 019-6648711 / 012-3092835

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