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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bandung Trip -Day 1

On the 18th-21st July 2012, a last minute decision, I choose to go Bandung, Indonesia to give myself a break. My friend asked, of so many places why do I choose Bandung. Reason very easy, I wanted to go Indonesia but at that time , Bandung has the lowest flight fare I can get compare to Jakarta. I booked 3.45pm flight however AirAsia delay until 6.10pm that day. AirAsia compensate the delay with a bottle of mineral water and a McChicken. I guessed it was really a bad luck for me to start for the trip.

Finally, I boarded the plane after 2 and half hour of delay and reached bandung airport around 7 something Indonesia time which is 1 hour early than Malaysia time. The airport is small, the exit is just around 20 steps from the entrance. No Bandung maps provided at the airport, it is advisable to bring your own. 

I have booked Holiday Inn, Bandung earlier and they were having some promotion at that time. They offered complimentary pick up and drop off service to the airport, free membership card, free beverages from mini bar and free wifi at the lobby. Luckily I booked Holiday Inn with free pick up that cut some of my worry to arrive hotel after a long delay from AirAsia.

Why do I booked Holiday Inn where there are some many more hotels in Bandung which cost much more lower? Yes, I know that. After a long finding in Bandung hotels, I make my mind to book Holiday Inn because:
1. Convenient. It is located in the middle of all those Factory Outlets (Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau) which I could just reach within walking distance. I could save a lot on the taxi fees plus when I get lost, the street people could easily lead me to my hotel.
2. Safety. Holiday Inn is a four star hotel in Bandung and is well known all over the world. I believe at least the place I sleep is safe and I wouldn't get a bang in the middle of the night by any stranger. Everytime a taxi or a car arrived the gate, one of the security guard at the hotel will use a steel bar to scan through the car to ensure no bombs are carry. Kinda scary..
3. Clean. Cleanliness of the room and bathroom are must for me. I cant sleep in a room full of smell.

Plus the price wasn't that costly too, with RM220++ you get a 4 star hotel is quite cheap. Around RM300++ you can get a 5 star hotel in Bandung compare to other places.

Let see the room, I booked a deluxe room with breakfast for two.

I got info from the hotel driver that all the factory outlets start from 9am-9pm. Since I arrived quite late that day, I wasn't planing to visited anyone of it. After check in and settle down, I walked along Jalan Dago to find food for dinner. I decided to dine at KFC which is around 10 minutes walk from hotel.

What I like the most in KFC whenever I visited Indonesia is this-Colonel Yakiniku. So far I see only Indonesia's KFC selling it. It is some kind of Japanese's bento with rice, fried chicken with black pepper sauce and  salad. The price is the lowest among all other items and that can fill up my stomach with out ordering any extra. It is only Rp 20,000 around RM 6.90
I love this a lot because I can't find it in Malaysia. :D

Besides, we also ordered their Super Big Set 2 meal. It come with 2 pieces of chicken, a rice and a carbonated drink. We requested both chicken thigh but was rejected because the worker said the meal has to come with a big piece and a small piece of chicken. :( This won't happen in Malaysia except McDonalds. I guess rice is their main food in Indonesia, all set meal will come with rice whether you like it or not, no smash potatoes, no salad even you wish for add on. The price wasn't cheap, cost Rp 40,908 around RM14.10 without 10% tax yet.

We ordered extra Fish Fillet Burger, look quite small but slightly bigger than Malaysia's colonel burger. It cost Rp 11,000 around RM3.80 after tax. The price still reasonable. The taste I can said much more better than Mcd Fillet o Fish. :)

Besides, they also provide free wifi and even an internet corner with 3 computers for you to browse website in case you need it. This is quite convenient for travelers like me.

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