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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KFC Green Curry

With advertisements all over the media, I believe all should have known that KFC have recently promoted their new item called Green Curry. They even came out with a slogan "So Authentic, Even The Thais Want It.", make it sound so delicious. So, does it really taste so good until it is comparable to the authentic Thailand's green curry? Then, we really have to try it out ourselves. Let see what is my finding.

I have ordered the Green Curry Combo which cost me RM 12.60 incl. tax. The Green Curry Combo come with 2 pieces of chicken either original or spicy, a bowl of rice, a small cup of green curry and a regular carbonated drink. 
I ordered the spicy chickens which are more crunchy than the original taste and it wasn't spicy at all. About the green curry, it does really taste like the thai's green curry except lack of some spiciness and the curry aroma. Do I think the slogan fits as stated in the advertisement? I can only said doesn't your mom always tell you never believe the advertisement in TV? :) It is a good trying, so far I can said it does taste good for a fast-food restaurant to serve such authentic dish.

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