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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bandung Trip- Day 2 (PART 1)

2nd day in Bandung, after early breakfast in the hotel,we started our walking trip to visit Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau factory outlets. There have more than 20 outlets along these two roads. You will be confuse with all the factory outlets and thinking which to visit best. Not too worry, in this post I will explain it all.

This is one of the road leading to Jalan Riau and captured this monument when we are crossing the road.

Holland Bakery, one of the bakery in Bandung that sell layer cakes and brownies. I personally quite like the brownies which has very rich of chocolate taste and not very sweet. The outer layer was a bit hard but if you  heat up with a microwave, it will be super.  The brownies sold at Rp 47,500, the price is a bit higher than Kartika Sari (another famous layer cake shop) but they are selling brownie kukus instead of bake brownies in Holland Bakery.

You could also see lots of Toast Slices selling in the shop. I guess it is one of their signature item in the shop. So we bought and try. It cost Rp 11,500. The taste was exactly the same as our toast bread except sugar was added on the bread. The taste was not bad, quite nice but it is a bit hard.
Holland Bakery
Jalan Merdeka, No. 68 Bandung
Tel: (022) 4221121

The green van is Bandung's tuk tuk which you will see it all over the place. If you are worry that you will have hard time getting a taxi, tuk tuk will always approach you first. Once you stand beside the road, tuk tuk will automatically stop for you even if you are not taking it. There are fast and cheap. Around Rp 1000-Rp 2000 for a short distance trip, so far I pay extra for them because most of the time the driver do not tell you how much to pay. Only the local know how much to pay. Like I said they are quick, once you off the van, just handle the cash to them, they will drove off.

Secret is the 1st factory outlet we saw in Jalan Riau. I am very excited before coming to Bandung after reviewing blogs about this shopping heaven. But after a round looking and observe, I feel kinda disappointed about it. I was thinking it will be like those premium outlets where all out off season branded goods selling at a lower price. However, what I spotted the most are those fake goods like Versace, Burberry, LV and etc. It is like our Chinatown selling those AA level branded goods in a unreasonable price. 

All of the factory outlets here are selling almost the same design of clothes and bags, just the price is slightly different and the size availability. I personally did not buy any from Jalan Riau and I almost visited all of the factory outlets in Jalan Riau.

You will see lots of these small stalls selling their local foods like mee, ice-cream and many more. I did not dare to try any of it. If you do not mind on the hygiene, you go for this local food which is quite cheap.

Lets look at some of the inside photos of some factory outlets. I did not capture much on the interior of the shops as most of the factory outlets do not allow us to take photos. From all of these outlets that I have visited, I found that all of them come with their own theme, no one have the same interior design of each other although they sell the same thing. I really admired their interior designs, some use modern style, some use cowboy style, and some with vintage design, very interesting.

This is the only factory outlets that sell all men's clothes. That is why it is called ForMen. Anyway, guys out there, don't put too much expectation on this. It is still the same as all the outlets here except they gather all men's clothes together. If you do not mind OEM goods with the branded logo, then you can go for it. The quality is quite good with reasonable price except that it is printed with a big logo like Burberry. For me, I prefer to buy original than fake one, if I cannot afford original I prefer not to buy it. I will feel embarrass if someone come up to me and say " hey, that is not the original.".

I spotted the Mr. Bean shop. The whole shop is decorated with Mr. Bean photos and other cartoons too. This shop mainly sell T-shirts with specials cartoons and words on it. It is quite nice but the a bit pricey. It can cost RM50 for a normal cartoon T-shirt without any brand on it. Anyway, do bear in mind that all the size of clothes selling are a bit smaller than the usual one. So if you are wearing XL size for the moment, I can tell you that you will hardly get any size here. So, please be prepare to have empty handed if you are a big size.

Stay tune for Day 2 (Part 2)

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