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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KimchiHaru | Jaya One

It is time for Korean Food again. I just can't stop myself going Korean restaurant. Anyway, I will be introducing this restaurant located at Jaya One- KimchiHaru. Probably a lot of people knew about this place if you are working near Jaya One. During lunch time especially, they offer special lunch promotion for only RM 9.80.

Here is a quick view of the interior design.

  Korean Tea (Left)-RM1.20
Korean Pear Tea(Right)-RM4.50

Two side dishes are served- Kimchi and Salad
The Kimchi doesn't taste that nice, but I like the Salad. The side dishes are refillable.

Sardin Dwen-jang Jigae-RM16 (set) RM13.20 (ala carte)
I ordered the set meal which come with a bowl of rice and 4 small side dishes. The sardin dwen jang jigae was spicy, overall was not bad but not as good as I expected. To use sardin in this dish was quite unique, as normally, seafood was served on dwen-jang jigae only.

Spicy Chicken Bulgoki-RM17.90 (set) RM14.90 (ala carte)
Spicy Chicken Bulgoki doesn't really taste that spicy compare to the Sardin Dwen-Jang Jigae. It taste sweet, but this dish was nice, I love it! The soup served in cold, it gave me an impression like washing water. :(

Kimchi Green Bean Jeon-RM5.80
Korean Pancake! Always my favourite and this really didn't disappoint me. The pancakes are crispy and delicious. It is not very spicy as I think it is, I dipped with the chilli sauce and it is superb. Really must try this out!

KimchiHaru, PJ Branch
13-LG1, Bloack D, Jaya One, 
72A, Jalan Universiti 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7931-2680

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