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Friday, November 09, 2012

Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant | Teluk Kumbar

We are coming back to Thai Food! This time I want to introduce you Thai Food in Penang. I went back Penang few weeks ago and found this nice and unique place in Teluk Kumbar. They have 4 outlets in total- Penang, Butterworth, PJ and Kepong. What is so special about the Penang outlet? It is located at beach side. Therefore, you have the choice either to sit in the restaurant or outside near to the beach side.

It is an open-air concept restaurant. All the chairs and tables are made from rotan, feels like Balinese concept for the interior. They even decorate with vintage style lamps all over the place.

For full menu (Penang Outlet), click here!

Herbal Tea (Jug)-RM10.00
Herbal Tea in Jug? Bottle more suitable for it.

Miaeng Kum (S)- RM10.00
This is a must try dish if you are in a Authentic Thai restaurant other than the Tom Yum. It come with Piper Sarmentosum leaves, shallots, chilli padi, ginger, garlic, lime, roasted peanuts, small dried shrimps and syrup. How you eat? You will have to wrap the leaf with a bit of all the ingredients given then topped with the syrup, that is it and put the whole wrapped miang kham into the mouth in one go! For the 1st time, you will feel very weird chewing on the leaf but when you continue chewing, the taste of the sweet syrup will come out and filled will very strong nice smell. You will eventually finish off without complaining of the leaf's smell!

Paku Belacan (B)- RM13.00
This is the paku-pakis that I love to order when I am in any Thai restaurant! Hard to find nowadays in the market except in some Malay stalls and Thai restaurants. It doesn't taste very spicy but just nice for everyone!

Mixed Seafood Tom Yum Soup (B)- RM 34.00
The main dish of the day! Red Hot Spicy Tom Yum Soup! Don't be afraid with the looks, it doesn't really taste that spicy, just a bit sour instead. A lot of prawns, fish meat, squids and mushrooms in there. They use charcoal to keep the soup warm, so you have no worry that the soup will go cold. Nevertheless, it is still not the best tom yum I have had so far.

Pandan Chicken (B)-RM18.00 ( 10 pieces)
The pandan chicken were quite small, it taste just normal.

Stir Fried Crab Curry- 1kg @ RM65
We ordered crabs since we are craving for seafood. The waitress told us that they have only the female crab that day. 1kg contains around 3 pieces of crabs. The curry crabs taste weird, not sure how they cook the gravy but it doesn't taste like curry, more like asam with curry mixed.

BBQ Crab- 1kg@ RM65
The BBQ Crab taste not bad but a bit salty overall. I guess I should have emphasized more on Authentic Thai dishes rather than seafood.

Deep Fried Calamari (S)-RM10.00
The fried calamari doesn't taste very nice. Not very crunchy.

Steam Fish with Soy Sauce- RM52
We also ordered a steam fish that day, worrying that the dishes might not be enough. It tastes like your regular chinese restaurant steam fish as we didn't order something spicy. The fish however is fresh and should be able to satisfy any regular family, but I do think that it is a little expensive. We will try some other aunthentic thai-style steam / fried / grilled fish on our next visit here.

Water Chesnut (S)-RM4.50
Of course, not forgetting the desserts that wraps up the meal for the day. It is shaved ice with a generous serving of assorted fruits and toppings with it. I would say that I don't really enjoy this dessert because  I don't like the strong nangka taste in it; my relatives however loved it very much as they said the nangka is the only reason why they ordered this. I guess for nangka lovers, go ahead, why not? For others, you can pass on this... the Ice is not shaved finely enough as well...

Will I be back again? Sure I will since I like the ambiance a lot. I will try out other Thai dishes next time, and will probably search for the PJ outlet soon once I'm back to KL.

Khunthai Restaurant
1052 MK9, Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar,
11920 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel. no: 04-625 1155

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Wow. What a great Steam Fish with Soy Sauce. I love it, It looks yummy, right?

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