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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Make your own Cover Button!

I was shopping at Daiso outlet the other day and came across the DIY cover buttons. Oh yeah! Now you can make your own style of buttons in just few steps.

What you need? (All can be purchase from Daiso)
1. Cotton fabric
2. Fabric Scissor
3. Cover Button pack with an exclusive punch (remember to check whether there is a punch included)

Don't worry if you are a first timer because there is always a guideline on how to make it at the back of the packaging. Just follow it and you could easily get your own styled buttons!

What you need here before you start is the punch, the button (front and back) and a piece of 3.5 x 3.5cm cloth. You could always cut according to the size given on the guideline but for my convenient I just cut a square instead a round shape.

First, you need to put the cotton on top of the white punch follow by the cotton then the button shell. Use the blue punch to press on top. Ensure that the button shell fall nicely into the white punch. Do not worry that you cant get the button out, it will get out from there. After that, follow by the back of the button then again use the blue punch to press firmly onto the top. Lastly, slowly push out the button from the punch by using your thumbs and index fingers of both hand only.

This is how it looks like for the back view.

This is how I have make my first cover button! I hope you enjoy too!

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