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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nose Warehouse Sale, 5-8 Dec 2012 Review

I went to the warehouse sale last Friday evening. It was located at the same place as the last warehouse sale. I was looking forward for the warehouse sales since I need some new pairs of shoes for work. The warehouse sale started from 5th-8th Dec 2012. If you missed it this time, no worries, I believe they will have it going again next year.

The warehouse was a big place to arrange all the shoes neatly according to their sizes. However, the crowd was there when I arrived and I have some difficulty moving around and picking the shoes. Then, a larger crowd came after working hours. Most of the shoes are leftovers from the previous warehouse sale, not much variety except that the prices are much more lower than the previous one. They are giving out more discounts if you purchase more  pairs of shoes. For example like the photo below, 1 for RM10, 2 for RM18 and 3 for RM20. I can see that they are desperately wanting to clear the old stock off. As for the bags area, I was really disappointed with the management. Most of the bags are either broken or in very bad condition, I do not think it is presentable enough to be place on the shelf  although the prices range from RM5- RM20.

Finally, after 1 hour of picking and trying, I managed to get myself 3 pairs which cost me a total of RM60. I guess it is still cheap to get shoes that are in an acceptable condition. All the shoes came with a box to be scanned at the counter except for the RM 5 shoes. 

Ladies with bigger shoe sizes always have the chance to get nicer shoes than the ordinary sized ladies (size 5-7). If you are, then the warehouse sale is where you should grab hold off! If not you will be like me who always watch and touch those shoes only. T.T

You can look on previous post of the warehouse sale in July.
Nose warehouse sale review

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