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Friday, December 14, 2012

Timberland Warehouse Sale 14-16 Dec 2012 Review

Hey guys! It's the Timberland warehouse sale this weekend!. As you might already know, Timberland is quite a prestigious brand here in Malaysia, so I went on over to take a look at what they have to offer.

For those who are not familiar with Taman Tun area, you can search google maps for the co-ordinates (3.143998,101.63335); there is no building there in the map but trust me, it;s there. The full name of the building is Wisma Bakti Siti Hasmah, you can drive inside the compound and park your car wherever you want. It's free as far as I know.

As you can see above, they pretty much have a fixed price structure for all the items in the sale. You might find some items that do not match the price list but its just a case of wrong tagging. Basically you need to know is: All collar men's shirt are: RM99; Polo Tees: RM99; T shirts: RM59, Jeans & Pants: RM139, Jacket: RM299, Backpack: RM179.

The crowd wasn't much on Friday evening, the place was quite comfortable, air-conditioning is cool and you don't feel hot and humid at all. So it's enjoyable to shop around, well done! As for the items for sale, the designs do not vary much, I guess the thing that is most worth to be bought are shoes, or boots. We know that Timberland boots costs around RM500+ in the shopping malls... here you get 1 pair for RM199 or RM299, depending on the designs. And if you buy 3 pairs, you get another RM100 discount extra. So with RM500 you can actually get 3 pairs of Timberland shoes... what a deal!

But unfortunately, we weren't shopping around for shoes this time. We bought 2 short sleeve shirts and one long sleeve shirt (with stripes) for RM297. The quality of the shirts are very good, they still seem quite new and I think its really worth the money. I expect that my BF will be wearing these shirts for many years to come.

So what you're waiting for? Hurry up and get over there and grab some Timberlands now!

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