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Monday, August 05, 2013

Restoran Ipoh Chang Jiang White Coffee | Section 17

I never knew there was a place serving delicious bean sprout chicken at Section17 until recently, BF's uncle introduced us here. Everyday, I  passby this road to office but never noticed this place. It has been here for many years now and the business still running good. It is located below a four storey flat, along Jalan 17/1A.

The place was always packed during lunch time. The worst part of coming here is the parking, double parking everywhere as there are very limited parking space. Business hours start from morning till 5pm and they are closed every Monday. If you are first timer here, just to remind you that orderings are made at the cashier not at the stall. They have a system to take orders from the cashier, just say what you want at the counter. However, drinks are ordered differently, there will have people approaching you to take your orders for drinks. Bills however will be charged after the meal, confusing isn't it? Don't worry, you'll get used to it =).

Tables are limited, so get early there if you planning to have lunch there. Food is served very fast and no mistakes on the orders since all they are made through the system. Here is where they prepare the food. 

What is famous here is the bean sprout chicken, Hor Fun soup and their white coffee. No one skips from ordering their bean sprout chicken which is also the best of all.
Bean Sprout Chicken (Must Try!)
The chicken taste quite nice. The texture of the chicken was splendid, very smooth and springy. No chicken smell at all. However, it is always nice if it goes with a bowl of rice. 

Hor Fun Soup (Must Try!)
The soup of the hor fun is the best. The soup doesn't look tasty but the flavour was definitely there. It is better than the one I always had in old town!

We ordered the meat balls as well but it was a bit salty, overall still nice. I didn't order their white coffee but it definitely looks good.

The food is great but the parking is the real problem here. I definitely will come back again, but I will drive my small car here, easy to look out for parking spaces.

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ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Su Fen,

This is a very helpful review. I will be willing to drive here for lunch next time I visit KL.

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