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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

China Trip-Day 6: Shanghai

Last day in Shanghai before we take off, we went on more relaxed trip. Since our flight is around midnight, we checked out from the hotel and left our bags in the hotel's reception area. Many hotels do provide some sort of a luggage storage service, you just need to ask them about it.

We left the hotel and took metro line 7 to Jing'an Temple Station, leaving from exit 1 to the temple directly. However, we didn't find the temple to be attractive and decided to save the entrance fee of RMB 30. We just took some photos outside of the Jing'an Temple. 

Next, we took the metro line 7 to the famous Jade Buddha Temple which is located at Changshou Road Station. You need to take exit 5 and head east along xinhui road then turn right on Jiangning road and walk to the temple at the crossroad. It is quite confusing because the temple is no where near the metro station, you need walk another 5-10 mins to the temple. Luckily we have our Nokia map to show us the location. I would suggest that you refer to maps when navigating to this temple.
Along the temple, there are a lot of beggars standing around and asking for money, just beware and be careful of your belongings. One advantage of being Chinese I think, is that the local people will mistake you for one of them, therefore during the whole trip we didn't come across anyone trying to sell some "expensive tea leaves" to us. As we didn't have this experience, it would be best if you Google around and read some personal experiences of other tourists.

Entrance fee to Jade Buddha temple is RMB 20

Inside the temple, they have separated the Jade Buddha in a special room where we can only see from far. Again, there is always a price to pay to visit the Jade Buddha. We paid another extra RMB 10 to enter the chamber. Nothing in China is free, so just bring more money when you are there. All entrance fees for both local and foreigners are the same, quite tough for locals to survive in China. 

Then, we make a trip to Qipu Lu which also well known as the Cheap Street for shopping. We took Metro line 10 to Tiantong station which will direct you to the basement of one of the malls. You may take metro line 8 to Qufu Station but you need to walk another 10-15 mins to Qipu Lu, thus I found metro line 10 is easier to reach. Basically, it is like Sungai Wang in KL but much much more gigantic, there are 3-4 malls altogether within the area.

I found this Kungfu Chinese fast food chain while walking behind the mall. Since it is lunch time, we went to have our lunch there. There are around 500 outlets in China which is quite easy to find this fast food chain. The tagline for this restaurant is steam is still the best to eat healthy.  Here is their website Therefore, you can see most of their meals are steamed dishes, including their steam rice.

Brinjal Set with Pork rib soup -RMB 19.50
The brinjal tastes great, one of the must try for brinjal lovers. As you can see the portion of the rice is also huge, and so it really was a satisfying meal.

Soy sauce pork rib set with black chicken soup-RMB 28.50
I just love this set with my favourite black chicken soup. The pork rib taste good, just a bit oily on the gravy, but it was fine. I guess this was the best meal I had in China so far.

After that, we went and did some window shopping in the malls. Unfortunately I couldn't find something that suits me, maybe its my taste, but luck just wasn't on my side that day.

We took metro line 10 to east nanjing road to have a walk. Actually you can walk from the east to west of nanjing road by foot although you may see there are two stations for nanjing road in the metro map. It is just a straight road connecting east and west. The whole nanjing road is so happening in day and night. We reached there around late afternoon, here is a shopping heaven with more than 10 shopping malls along the road.

You could spend the whole day here, visiting each of the malls and boutiques all the way from east to west. We walked until the sky is dark, the view in night is so different with lighting around the building. Night life in Shanghai!

We went to find this famous cheap and good Italian food in town. It is called Saizeriya Italian Restaurant,

Bottomless Soft Drinks -RMB 10.00 per cup
Seafood Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce -RMB 13.00
As we were very hungry after all the walking, we ordered a few extra dishes just because we saw the portions were rather small. Well, maybe for my bf one dish was totally not enough, but again, its best to order one or two dishes first and add more later.
Grilled Steak with Black Pepper Sauce -RMB 30.00
Bf ordered the steak, it was chewy and maybe not up to his standards. Well, for this price, we couldn't expect TGI Fridays-like quality.
Grilled Chicken with Vegetable Salsa - RMB 14.00
This was unexpectedly nice. The chicken was crispy and juicy, while the vegetable salsa is actually garlic and butter spices which I didn't really like that much.
Spaghetti Arrabbiata with Tuna - RMB 13.00
This dish was quite spicy. But nevertheless quite normal. So in the end, depends on how you view it, the food here was actually quite worth the price. Of course we can't compare it to the likes of TGI Fridays but it does give you a satisfying meal in the end.

Here is one of the Apple Stores! Its huge, and full of people. I guess the Chinese are all crazy about i-products.

Approaching the end of the day, we spent the rest of our time in Nanjing road, which by the end of it was really close to our hotel. We collected our luggage and proceeded to our flight home. What did I think of this trip? Well, it was free and easy, we made changes to our itinerary whenever we wanted, and in the end was quite enjoying. We blended into the Chinese culture (urban culture, to be specific), but we did not feel "at home" as we thought we might be. I still feel Malaysia is my home, the place I'm most familiar with. Now back to Char Kuay Teow and Nasi Lemak!!

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