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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kampachi | Jaya 33

Kampachi is well known for its Japanese cuisine, but I'm not here to tell you all about its history; you can visit their website at and be sure to check out their promotions page!

It was my BF's birthday, so I wanted to treat him something nice this year. Kampachi opened up a branch in Plaza 33 recently so we decided to give it a try. First impressions are, I'm glad that we dressed up reasonably well because this place is rather up-scale; it's not your regular Sushi King joint where you can just drop by for high tea and snacks (of course you can do it here too, if money isn't an issue =D ). However, being such a nice place just makes it a tad bit special to have a meal with your loved ones.

Being a fan of Japanese food, I would say that Kampachi's menu is geared towards traditional Japanese cuisines, unlike Pasta Zanmai where you can pasta steak burgers and all sorts of fancy stuff. Nevertheless, the quality of food here is one among the best I have tasted so far, definitely worth a visit if you have the chance.

The waitress is also highly trained and very friendly. She recommended that we could order two half-roll sushi with different ingredients instead of the full portion. Good service seems to be pretty scarce these days and I really do appreciate a high level hospitality that a restaurant can give.

Sencha "Matsuri" - RM18.00
Ordering green tea here is no ordinary feat. You've got a list to choose from, thus its best you read the descriptions in the menu to know which one suits your taste. We went for Matsuri because it could also be served with ice. After multiple refills the taste is still strong, and note that it was served with a mini teapot with a cute bunny on top! It was sooo cute and I was really tempted to ask whether the teapot is on sale! =D *Just joking*

Half Roll Soft Kani Maki (RM25.00) and Half Roll Kampachi Maki (RM29.00)
Once in blue moon, I thought since we're here on a special occasion, why not splurge on our favourite sushi to reward ourselves? Thanks to the waitress, we were spared the dilemma of choosing either one, so we chose our favourites Unagi and soft shell crab sushi! You really ought to take your time and sample these sushi because, it was truly great! 

Also, notice the wasabi on the right? You have to order it separately but its given for free. Let me tell you this: Even if you hate wasabi, you MUST try this because if you put small amounts of wasabi and dip the sushi with a little bit of soy sauce, the taste is absolutely sublime! Unlike regular wasabi in supermarkets that are made from various ingredients, this is real wasabi grounded from the plant's roots, and the freshness of it just brings out the flavours of the sushi and sends you to gastronomical heaven... But before that, just be sure NOT to mix the wasabi with soy sauce as it'll spoil the taste (read:

Chirashi Don Set RM53.00 + Large portion RM3.00
BF ordered this because he was in the mood for fresh sashimi. As expected, when ate together with the wasabi and soy sauce there was nothing to complain about. For sashimi lovers, this might be the one for you. Portion was big too since we upsized it with an additional RM3.00.

Katsu Curry Rice Set - RM42.00
I know, I know what you're thinking. BF too, said that we're here in such a nice restaurant, why did I want to order Japanese curry? Well, it's just what I felt like eating that's all! To my surprise, the portion was big, to the extent that I couldn't finish it all. I just wish that the Katsu Chicken was slightly crunchier and juicier -- I know it can be done 'cause I've tasted better Katsu Chicken in other places.

In conclusion, I will definitely visit this place again sometime, whenever my wallet allows =). The sushi is absolutely great, and I'll want to try other dishes as well.

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Choi Yen said...

Definitely a place worth to splurge on a fine Japanese meal but too bad I have yet try this :(

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