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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kuantan Curry Mee | Restoran Hoi Yin

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan again. 
This time let me bring you to East Coast of Malaysia

When you come to Kuantan, one of the must try food is their Curry Mee. I was having a 3 days 2 nights getaway trip with my team at Hyatt Regency, Kuantan recently and coincidently there is a place for curry mee nearby. Without hesitation, we drop by to had a quick bite before we check in to the hotel.

Restoran Hoi Yin is famous for their curry mee, you can actually read from their signboard in Chinese. The best thing about this place is their food are Halal! So my Muslim friends, let's enjoy! I was told that if you come around lunch time, the place will be packed. We actually arrived slightly early, around 11.30am but most of the table are taken up.

An old shop with only a stall at the corner, the place where they make the noodles. They actually sells 3 types of noodles according to their board-Mee Kari, Mee Sup and Mee Kicap.

Although the shop look quite old and run down but the area where they make noodles still remain as clean and tidy as possible. Don't worry!

Since I was recommended to try their Curry Mee, I ordered a bowl of Curry Bihun Mee. Each bowl of curry mee comes with fish balls, fish cakes, steam chicken, cockles and tauhu pok. Quite a lot of ingredients in this small bowl. You can also opt for different types of noodles like Bihun, Mee and Kueh Teow.
They come in two sizes- Big (RM 4.50) and Jumbo (RM 5.20). Comparing the price of curry mee last year, it seem like they have increased the price again. I guess nothing is not hiking in price now. Their curry mee is quite different from the one I had in KL. The soup wasn't the creamy type but more toward light and sweet. The taste is really depend on individual preference. If you like thick and creamy kinda soup, you won't get satisfy with this; but if you like light soup base, you might love it. It is not very spicy too, and you can always add additional chilli (provided in the container of each table) to the soup.

I actually quite like their Curry Mee although I always do prefer Penang Curry Mee. Their light and mild curry soup actually give you more space to crave after leaving the shop. I definitely will come back again if I'm in Kuantan again.

Restoran Hoi Yin
No. 31, Jalan Teluk Cempedak
25050 Kuantan
Tel: 09-567 3871
Close on alternate Monday

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