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Monday, December 08, 2014

Caravan Serai Private Villas | Bentong

Recently, we feel like going for a short vacation, if possible far from town. Since it is a last minute planning, most of the private villas are fully booked until next year January and so coincidentally I found this place from the LivingSocial advertisement.

I searched from the internet and hoping to get more information about this place, however they only have FB and photos of the place also limited. So, we decided give it a try and adventure it since it is only one and half hour drive from KL. There are three types of accommodation- Superior Safari Tent, Deluxe Safari Tent and Caravan Suite. We booked Deluxe Safari Tent which comes with attached bathroom.

School Holiday Package for Safari Tent- RM368
-2 days 1 night stay
-Steamboat Dinner for 2 pax
-Breakfast for 2 pax
-Natural Walk
Entrance of Caravan Serai

Here is where we stay-Deluxe Safari Tent
Our first time to stay in tent. The last time I stayed in tent was during my Universiti time, camping with my schoolmates in Penang National Park.

Caravan Serai
The tent is equipped with one Queen size bed, basic furniture, portable air conditional and attached bathroom. It also comes with simple toiletries like towels, shampoo and bath gel, included 2 bottles of mineral water per tent.

If you are thinking Safari tent is like camping style, you are wrong! It is actually a big tent equipped with basic necessity, more like a 2 star hotel. At first he was so worry that he need to sleep under humid and hot tent, but after seeing the portable air conditional, he is relieved. There are power sockets for you to charge your phones or camera too. However, bad news is there isn't any line in this place.

Bathroom outside the tent but it was built with bamboos and covered.

You will need to wear slipper while bathing as the floor is filled with stones. Since it is raining in the evening, we expected to receive cold water in the next morning as it is using natural water.

This is where the Caravan suite located. There is a door toward the house. 

Just in case you need to grab some snacks at night, there is a convenient store right beside the entrance. You can also watch movie or play around in the activities room.

The bridge linking from the restaurant to the tents area. This part is a bit run down, it shown some repair work on the bridge as well.

Keratong Riverside Restaurant
The place that we had our breakfast and dinner. You can also order their ala carte menu that provides a combination of local cuisine. There is a function hall on first floor that can accommodates for a large group of people.

Simple and light steamboat dinner for that night. Both of us love their air sirap limau, we end up finished two jugs of it.

Breakfast of the day
The taste of their food is quite nice, out of our expectation.

Caravan Serai is a nice place to rest and relax, far from the busy town area.The place is surrounded by forest, local fruits orchard, river and hills. It is very natural place, be sure to woke up by the chickens and ducks around. No line is available there, you can't imagine how slow the time pass without your phone. Suddenly, we felt so out of place without our phone. I guess we need to train ourself stop being a slave to our phone!

The place is not as beautiful as we expected it to be, they are still under construction as loaders are parked in the area. The walls around the river are missing and barricaded by red construction tape, be caution when walking near to the river.

Caravan Serai
Lot 3159 & 3160, 12 3/4 Mile,
Jalan Tras, 28700 Bentong,
Pahang Darul Makmur
Latitude: 3.6238850877391
Longitude: 101.872208118439

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