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Friday, October 30, 2015

O'Briens "Best Sandwich Competition" Workshop | Cyberjaya

I was invited to the O'Briens "Best Sandwich Competition" Workshop recently at one of their branches in Cyberjaya. Thank you so much to Seeties and O'Briens for the invitation that gave me a great experience in making O'Briens sandwich. 

Today, I'm going show you the techniques on how to make a proper O'Briens sandwich, let's go!

The counter was full of ingredients from meats to cheese and different types of vegetables that can be used for making O'Briens sandwich.

Let's get a cup of coffee before work starts! I ordered their Americano, quite like the taste. Their coffee beans are from Singapore with their own house blend. You can also purchase their coffee beans/powder from the outlet which costs RM 43.30/ 200g.

*Ta-da* Change into the O'Briens staff-look outfit. Prepare to make some sandwich! But it's not just about the looks only, the cap and apron is compulsory in order to enter the counter, which makes it hygienic to prepare the sandwiches.

Before we start, the outlet manager-William explain to us on the ingredients they have and types of breads they serve. William told us that the ideal sandwich ratio is Bread + 1 Main Filling + Cheese+ 3 Salads + 1 Sauce. Got your pen written down?

The staffs demonstrated to us how to prepare a sandwich, and I'd say it's super fast! We had to ask them to slow down in order to observe each step they go through.

Our O'Briens model of the day.

Now it is my turn to show my skill on making sandwiches with guidance from the staffs. :P
Of course, besides the cap and apron, I also had to wear some plastic gloves when it comes to handling the food. 

To get a good sandwich, it is all about the cutting technique of the bread. The bread has to be cut into half evenly. I picked Ciabatta as my bread, though it may look easy but the bread was quite flat, so it was really hard for me to cut into half plus it have to be even.

Next just spread the butter onto one side of the bread, then with chicken slices and cheese before we put it into the oven to bake.

Hot from the oven, next I put in a second filling-Tuna Flakes. I wasn't suppose to put in second filling but I feel it will taste better if there is some watery ingredient in between which will make it taste much more filling once you bite into it.

Tuna Flakes-250g, standard from O'Briens.

Lastly, add in the vegetables. I add in the green/red peppers and lettuce to make it more crunchy and crunchier!

Here comes the last cutting part, cutting it into half to be as prefect as possible.

Whola! My 1st O'Briens Sandwish is done!

We arranged all the sandwiches made by other bloggers on the table, prepared for the judges to give marks. My sandwich looks rather thick as I added two fillings and lots of lettuce on the top.

Before they announce the winner, O'Briens' staffs gave William a surprise birthday and we all made it more merrier for him by singing a birthday song to him.
Happy 27th Birthday, William! Oops, I revealed his age..haha..

Back to the sandwich competition, so they announced the winner. Before I realise what was going on, I was handed the gift from William. OMG, I'm the winner for the " Best Sandwich Competition"! I'm so happy! Thanks for the staff's guidance and advice!

Before we end the workshop, we were introduced to their new orange juice machine that is able to squeeze fresh orange juice from it. The machine is designed to squeeze whole oranges with the skin intact, it separates both skin and juice at the same time.

It needs 6 oranges to make a cup of fresh orange juice, pure indeed.

Fresh Orange Juice- RM 12.30

Group photo!

Their goodies bag with vouchers and chips!

Overall, I enjoyed this event very much. I never had any chance to eat O'Briens sandwiches before as I always thought that the prices are quite expensive. After this experience, I fully understand that they use very high quality and fresh ingredients. It's very hard to see it that way until you really eat their sandwiches and drink their beverages. I'm sure that I'll be revisiting O'Briens again next time when I want to eat some gourmet sandwiches.

More information, visit:
O'Briens Website
O'Briens Facebook

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