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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

IWATA Best Japanese Curry Noodle | Encorp Strand Mall

We were lucky and stumbled across this restaurant one day in The Strand Mall at Kota Damansara. We were hungry and decided to try out their curry noodles purely out of curiosity, it turns out to be a pleasant surprise. Let's take a look at what Iwata has to offer...

It seems like Iwata is a new restaurant, everything's new and honestly I haven't heard of a Japanese restaurant in Malaysia that specializes in curry noodles. 

Unfortunately, I think they could have picked a better location to open up their shop. The crowd in The Strand Mall isn't up to par yet and they're at a corner in ground floor which many people doesn't take notice to. I certainly hope more people would come to try out Iwata's food sometime.

Prawn Cream Cutlet-RM 16.85
Breaded Deep Fried Prawn with cheesy cream sauce, served with cucumber salsa.
This is quite a filling appetizer. They added the minced salsa vegetables with a hint of a tangy sauce to balance up with the creamy cheese and fried prawns, thus its much more refreshing to eat and you wouldn't normally get bored with it after a while.

Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken Cutlet-RM 17.80
Despite it being a noodle house, we just had to try their rice as well! I'd say, the chicken meat is the only weak point here, they could've used better ingredients or meat from the drumstick & thighs to make it juicier. Nevertheless, I really love the curry mixed with the rice, it tastes as though they made the curry sauce from scratch, because there is much more depth and flavour compared to the usual curry sauce from regular Japanese restaurants. Certainly a must try for people who like Japanese curry; we finished every last drop of it!

Curry Jah Jah Men Set Lunch-RM 20.80
They offer a set meal that comes with a hearty portion of salad. As stated in their menu, their noodles are all handmade and it certainly feels so. The noodles' texture is fresh and tender, complimented by the Jah Jah sauce which is a combination of Taiwanese-Japanese flavour, it certainly is refreshing to eat ramen like this. 

Mango Ice Shaved-RM 7.30
Now, as a surprise we certainly did not expect, this mango shaved ice stole the whole show of the day. I can personally vouch that this is the best shaved ice I have ever had so far, much better than what I had in Bangkok. It doesn't look like much and the price is slightly high, but this desert is prepared with top notch skill. First, the ice is so smooth it melts the moment you put it into your mouth. Then the mango syrup is just perfect, not too sweet and very very full of flavour. Third, the syrup goes all the way from the top, to the center, until the bottom. Whoever prepared this didn't just shave ice and pour syrup on top; he/she put the ice and syrup by layers quickly to avoid the ice melting while maintaining an artistic look of the desert -- it's kinda mind boggling. It's hard to put the experience of eating this in words, it doesn't need lots of fancy ingredients, just ice and the syrup -- a perfect representation of Japanese minimalism at its' finest. Even though you don't try the curry noodles, go to Iwata and try their Mango Shaved Ice today!

G-21, Encorp Strand Mall,
Pusat Perdagang Kota Damansara,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-6144 5091

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