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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Flight Club- Herbs and Seed Inspired by Plaza Premium Group | KLIA

Before the new year started, I'm glad that I could end my 2015 food review on a special place that normally I don't go except when I travel overseas. Thanks to Plaza Premium Group's invitation to their latest new dining place at KLIA-Flight Club. Flight Club is located at Level 2, International Departures, directly opposite with Plaza Premium Lounge.

We were given a special pass to go through security to access the International Departures. It made us felt like we were flying off again.

Flight Club is a brand new dining concept that was launched by Plaza Premium Group in Oct 2015. It is an innovative and culinary concept that give travellers a new airport dining experience in a fresh, natural and delicious manner. Inspired by herbs and seeds, all dishes are created to embrace a healthy lifestyle when travelling.

Goodness me, a table full of delicious food waiting to be tried! This is how I end the last days of 2015 loaded of food.

Their signature juices are pure goodness of chilled fruits and vegetables supplemented with a selection of herbs and seeds, slow and cold-pressed without any added sugar, water and ice.

Happy Tum Tum-For better digestion-RM 16
Come with of green apple, celery, cucumber, green pepper and bitter melon.
The C Booster- Boost your immunity with a blast of C-RM 16
Come with ornge, grapefruit, pineaplle, ginger and chia seed.

Before I begin, just to remind all readers that the some of portions show below are 30-40% smaller than the usual size as we need to try out more than 10 dishes that day, the chefs purposely prepared smaller portions for each dish. We were also glad that we don't waste those delicious food.

6 Degree Celsius Fresh Cameron Highland Tomato Soup-RM 12
Farm style tomato soup that is served at 6 degrees celcius cold. It is quite special as we normally had our soup in hot rather than cold. It doesn't taste like a regular tomato soup; it is not sour and there is a subtle sweetness in it, very refreshing! 

Hydroponic Baby Cos " Caesar's Style"- RM 16
A nice bowl of salad, kind of neglected by us in this table of delicacies, but I really like the colours and the addition of grapefruit to the salad. The chicken strips are grilled and full of flavour, definitely a good appetizer. 

Home-grown Farmer Tomatoes-RM 12
An exotic combination of oriental flavours- a bird's nest of papaya salad dressed with roasted ground peanut, tamarind sauce and tossed with mint leaf.

Flight Club @ KLIA
East Meets West-RM 16
Creamy avocado in a cheesy mornay sauce and smoked chicken ham, topped with fresh coconut milk and mixed herbs croutons. I really love this together with the garlic bread, creamy and tasty.

The Englishman's Fish & Chips-RM 26
River fish fillet coated with multi-grain seed batter, served with a classic apple cider vinaigrette and tartar sauce.

Flight Club @ KLIA
Prawn Risotto-RM 30
Served with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese and a hint of lemon and orange zest.

Flight Club @ KLIA
1824 Beef Cheek-RM 42
Braised in beef jus with mirepoix and bouquest garni, (a combination of aromatic vegetables and herbs to lightly flavour the stock) and served with couscous grain, buttered-verly Cameron Highlands vegetables and miso gravy. For those who love beef, I recommend to try out this beef cheek, very soft and tender beef cheek meat that you won't regret having it.

Squid Ink Pasta- RM 25
Artisan homemade fresh pasta coloured and flavoured with squid ink, cooked with squid, tomato julienne, cilantro and virgin olive oil. I personally love this dish as well, somehow I just couldn't get enough of the complex squid ink taste!

Vegetarian Fried Rice ala Flight Club-RM 20
Fragrant white rice, stir fried with a host of superfoods; chia seed, pine nut, sunflower seed, sesame seed, assorted vegetables and raisins. If you are vegetarian, no worries. Flight Club also offer vegetarian dishes that you can dine with.

Fish Fillet in Peanut and Mixed-herbs Crust- RM 30
Fillet of seabass marinated with Louisiana Cajun spices and herbs, served with local potato and verly Cameron Highlands vegetables.

Lamb Stew- RM 35
Tender lamb mince stew, slow-cooked in rosemary juice served with local seasonal vegetables, salad and soft tortilla. As for those who like lamb, this is very nice indeed. You eat it together with the tortilla and they really blend well together, 

Beetroot Ice cream with cheese cake-RM 15
This dish is either you love or you hate it. I notice that not a lot of people can accept the taste of beetroot and just so coincidently, Flight Club offers one of their signature dessert on beetroot. They created the beetroot ice cream. It is eye opening for me as I rarely see people use vegetables in ice-cream. If you are quite used to beetroot however, I would recommend to try it. The cheese cake plus beetroot ice cream actually goes well together.

Double Valrhona Chocolate Lava Cake-RM 15
This chocolate lava cake requires 15 minutes to prepare because the cake is only baked when there's an order. So plan and order in advance. The result of it is, when you cut open the cake the chocolate inside spews out like hot lava, a must try for desert lovers!

Cempedek Ice Cream- RM 10
If you prefer a stronger taste ice-cream like cempedak, here is where you can get it. All ice-cream from Flight Club are made freshly and organic every few days. This will be the must-try dessert I will have if I visit here again.

 You can also add additional RM 18++ for free flow of salad, soup and water.

If you are in a hurry and would like to grab some bite. Flight Club also offered take away wrap that you can order at their take away counter. You can also design your own wrap if you have special preference in your food.

On a different note, if you are looking a place to bath and relax after a long haul flight, Plaza Premium Group has two outlets in KLIA-Wellness Spa &Wellness Salon that provide spa, massage and beauty services. This is a place where if you have some spare time when transiting between flights, you can rent a small room to relax and refresh yourself. I think the prices are quite reasonable, it's just that we normally don't spend any spare time at KLIA so it's a pity we can't try it out. 

Flight Club
Address: Mezzaine Floor (Level 2), Satellite Building, KLIA
Tel: 603 - 8776 1538 • Fax: 603 - 8776 1539
Business Hour: 24 Hours
Facebook: flightclubmy
Instagram: flightclubmy

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