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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wellness Spa by Plaza Premium Lounge | KLIA2

Today, I'm going to show you a place I visited recently before my flight to Japan. It is the Wellness Spa, located at KLIA International departures. It is one of the outlets operated by Plaza Premium Lounge. My first thought was it should be a place for spa and massage, but unfortunately I was wrong, it is a shared lounge, offers massage and hair treatments at the same time. There is a light buffet served inside and a waiting area as well. This place is smaller compare to KLIA's lounge.

This is a place where if you have some spare time when transiting between flights, you can pay a small amount to relax and refresh yourself. There is a range of services provided, including food and beverages, multiple TV channels, newspapers and magazines and high-speed Wi-Fi, made available to travellers. In addition, massage treatment is also provided by Wellness Spa, the world's first organic airport spa. The spa concept was founded in Hong Kong, and with sister locations in Singapore and now Malaysia, the facility allows guests to enjoy massage and hair treatments while at the airport. It is also a good place for a neck, shoulder and back massage, or a quick blow dry. 

Salon area
Too busy to tidy your hair, get your self some hair services while waiting for your next flight.

Massage room
There is a big tv in the room, you can watch movie while enjoying the massage.

Buffet area
They served light buffet to guest. The buffet that I had that day included prawn noodle, spaghetti,vegetable and fish fillet. salad, dessert & beverage. I were there around 8.30pm, though the buffet variety is not much, but sufficient to fill up my stomach before I board the night plane.

There are mineral water, cookies and apples served at the other corner as well.

Free flow soft drink and beer 

If you are travelling on night flight at KLIA2, drop by the Wellness Spa or Plaza Premium Lounge for some light buffet and rest & relax area while waiting.

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