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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Popeyes-Louisiana Kitchen (CLOSED)

Today, my brother gave us a treat at the new opening Popeyes- Louisiana Kitchen at Midvalley. It is a fast food restaurant with the same concept as KFC. It said to be 2nd largest after KFC i think. But the taste is much more better than KFC. At least I have something good for today after yesterday. My brother and dear called chicken combo set with 3 pieces of chicken, a biscuit, a drink, 2 side dish-coleslaw and smashpotato with cajun gravy for RM11.95. I have seafood set with a fried fish, 5 pieces of shrimps, a drink, a biscuit, a coleslaw and a smash potato for RM14.95. I don't think it is worth of money because the portion is quite small. Brother also added one extra strawberry cheese cake for RM3.95. All the price shown is nett which mean no tax.

I like the smash potato so much. The taste was so different from the normal smash potato. It contains chicken, pork and beef in the gravy. I'm not quite sure whether it is stated Halal or not or they have change the ingredients in the menu of smash potato for Malaysia. Smash potato is a must try item. Rating: 4/5. The coleslaw is good too. You can hear a crunchy sound when you chew the coleslaw. The chickens we ordered are spicy one because from my brother's comment that the normal chicken is tasteless compare to the spicy one. Spicy chicken is more crunchy but it is not spicy. They shouldn't named it spicy it think.

The fried fish I had, taste good, it is so juice when you bite it and it does not have the fishy different from the fish we had in Manhattan Fish Market. Biscuit is the part that make Popeyes special. The biscuit looks like a cream puff shape and taste salty but not sweet..weird right but taste very good especially when it is with strawberry jam.

Other than chicken and seafood, they do have burgers and other more. Maybe I'll try the burger next time. A must try outlet. So far I saw there are only 2 stores which in Midvalley and Sunway.

smash potato and coleslaw

chicken, shrimps,fish and biscuit

Strawberry cheese cake..a bit sweet ..

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