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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ipoh Trip

2 days 1 night to Ipoh where Seng Aiks is our tour guide and driver.
10 of us wandering around this little city with fun and laughter.

1 day- USM to bus stand by rapid Penang.
1st time took rapid in penang.
Journey to Ipoh started at 10am.
1st station- yong tau fu with curry mee.
2nd station-san bao miao

3rd station- a temple near san bao miao..forgoten the name
consists of 300+ staircase to the top of the temple.

4th station- Kellie's Castle
Built by William Kellie but the building did not complete because many people died when building and William died of pneumonia during the project. It is said that the place is haunted.

A big petai tree near the castle

5th station- Ipoh chicken rice

only the tauge taste nice.
Meat balls have a very strong meat taste and chicken too.
I just can't take it.

6th station- Pasar Malam
Found 臭豆腐 there,
order taiwan style,
臭豆腐 very crispy but the vege not nice.

2nd day
1st station-Dim Sum in 玉福满 restaurant
A lot of people but the food won't that nice.
Dim Sum were served cold and limited dishes.

2nd station- Gua Tempurung
tired and scare

3rd station- Kampar
45 minutes drive from Ipoh.
We went to have Famous Curry Chicken wrap in bread.
We ordered from this kopitiam but the chicken bread where not make in this kopitiam.
The tauke went out and bring 2 big plastics bag with the bread back from somewhere. weird...

The bread taste sweet but the curry chicken a bit salty.

4th station- one and only hotel in Kampar

5th station- Tasik nearby Utar

6th station- Lost world in Ipoh
We didn't went in because we are lack of time.
Just took some pictures outside.

7th station- Yee Hup Bakery
bought some famous biscuits back to eat.

8th station- Kopitiam to have Ipoh Hor Fun
but finished so we had wet and fried popiah, Salty chicken and Ipoh White Coffee.

9th station- Seafood restaurant nearby Seng Aik's house
We had fish porridge and dang hoon craps.
indeed very special dishes I had today.

Last we put a fullstop for this journey
Bus back to Penang at 7.30pm
Arrived at 10 pm

Tired now

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