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Monday, February 07, 2011

747 cafe @ Penang (Moved Out)

This year reunion dinner, my family decided to have it outside since mom not feeling well. We have choose to go for 747 cafe that is at YMCA building. We always go for lunch when dad came back from KL. This is the 1st time, we try out their chinese new year eve dishes. There two set to choose either RM 438 or RM538, so we go for RM538(quite reasonable price on CNY eve). Since it is CNY eve, a lot of people make booking on the day to have reunion dinner including us, so they have it in YMCA hall not in the restaurant itself. 

 Fatt Choy Yee Shang 
(Chinese New Year & Auspicious raw fresh salmon fish)
The taste not bad, normal only.

 Mandarin Delight Shark's Fin Soup D'Orient
(A great taste of the orient for all sharks' fin lovers specially prepared with dry scallops & seafood and cook to the perfection)
Taste great, it has a lot of scallops and shark fins inside.

 Traditional Herbal Chicken
(Fresh country chicken, specially marinated and braised with traditional recipes)
They took kampung chicken to cook, a bit small potion for 10 persons. The taste of herbal is not enough, but chicken meat were very soft and tender.

 Chef's Special Pumpkin Cheese Prawns
(Fresh prawns specially selected for the celebration of CNY)
The pumpkin cheese sauce was very special, the prawns were big, not bad!

 Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish's Maw and Broccoli
(Fresh sea cucumber stir fried & garnished with mushroom, broccoli & fish's maw)
This dish was spoiled by the fish's maw. The fish's maw has a sour taste and too soft, not fresh at all. The sea cucumber still okay but very little and cut into very small pieces. Taste still consider normal.

Steamed Pomfret with soya sauce
(Fresh pomfret specially caught from surrounding water & steamed with native way)
nothing special about this fish, taste normal.

 Fried Rice in Lotus Leaves
(Fried rice with CNY delicacies)
It is tasteless plus the chinese sausages had a very strong smell. This dish not very nice, left a lot at the end.

Honey Dew with Sago
(A light & luxurious dessert to compliment year wonderful evening)
The dessert very sweet but the taste still not bad.

The food was not bad except that it is lack of some CNY music to be play during the dinner. Also, the dishes came a bit slow(we need to wait about 10-15 min for another dish to come), the waiter/waitress there kept making the wrong mistake in serving the wrong dishes to the wrong table. I think they need to train them first, at least let them know the menu of the 8 dishes for each set.

747 cafe
Bangunan YMCA,
211-B, Jln. Macalister,
10450 Pulau Pinang.

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Michelle LeBlanc said...

I'm from France. I absolutely love this place!!! I always visit this place but i heard that they are moving. What a pity, i love their Chinese New Year's dishes. Cest tres bien!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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