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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

KoChaBi (KCB) Malaysian Traditional Ice-cream

I went to Gurney Plaza with my brother on CNY and discover this ice-cream stall. Actually it was my brother who discover this stall from forum and introduce to me. Of course, we wont miss the opportunity to try it. It was famous because of it cheap price which we can hardly find in any shopping mall now days except in McDonalds. RM1.00 ice-cream potong in shopping mall, can you imagine? 

So it come with 5 different type of packaging either in stick, personal pack, family pack, soft ice-cream in cone and soft ice-cream in cup. Besides, it also come with 10 flavors which are red bean, durian, cempedak, jagung, yam, strawberry, papaya, kiwi, mint and vanilla.

I bought durian flavour in stick since brother said it is famous for that. The ice-cream not easily melt although I used about 20-30 minit to finish it. The durian smell was strong but taste was a bit plain, not sweet or creamy enough. Maybe those who do not like sweet food may found it quite nice. Overall, i think it is normal only but for the price it is cheap since only RM1.00 for stick ice-cream. I still like the durian flavour I found in OUG pasar malam.

KCB traditional ice-cream
Basement, Gurney Plaza Old Wing

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