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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Claypot Station Restaurant 煲煲香| Kota Damansara

I was lucky to be invited to have lunch in this restaurant yesterday. So I went with my brother after a time rushing to get back my laptop at Lowyat. This restaurant is located at Kota Damansara which is just behind of Sunway Giza and same row with Kayu Nasi Kandar. It is not hard to find but the sharp blue signboard make it hard to see when the sun shinning at it. 

This restaurant have been operated around 3 years now. All they served are Claypot dishes, plus from the menu it look like more to Hakka food. We reach there around 1.50pm (promise to be there at 1.30pm) since I don't have sense of direction (said my brother), we got lost there.

Currently, the shop is having promotion of 15% for all UOB card holder when they spend on ala carte with minimum of RM50. Another deal for UOB card holder that I saw for this months. 

Although we came a bit late which is after lunch time but I was surprise to find the place was empty and we are the only customers there. I guess people here have breakfast and lunch together in the late morning.

We were introduced by the owner of the restaurant a few types of their famous dishes since the menu shows a lot of dishes and a bit confusing for me to see so many words in it.

Herbal Tea-RM2.00
I was planning to order hot tea but instead the owner introduced me their herbal tea. So I proceed with the Herbal Tea to see what so special about it (thinking it maybe like Fireman's Herbal Tea with lotus roots) but it came out to be very normal Herbal Tea that I don't taste any herbal on it instead of sugar syrup. I'm sorry to say that to the owner.

Fa Tiu Chicken (华彫鸡)-RM12.90(S), RM18.00(M), RM 24.00(L)
It taste good, it will be good to those who like strong favoured dish.

Fried Tau Fu c/w Dried Prawn (虾米豆腐)-RM7.90
I found it quite special, as you can see they cut the Tau Fu into 2 pieces and deep fried it. After that, they put it together again then served it with dried prawn on top of it. Where else, normally we see whole piece of Tau Fu served. However, the taste was very mild, it will be tasteless when you eat it with rice. 

Fried Egg with Shark Fin(鱼吃炒蛋)-RM12.90(S), RM18.00(M), RM24.00(L)
I personally never try Shark Fin with fried egg before but more to Dong Fen with fried egg that normally cook by my mum at home. The shark fin served a lot on top of the egg, seem like they really put enough ingredient in this dish but I still found the taste to be a bit mild especially when I eat it with rice. I feel tasteless when eating it. I guess it is more suitable for people who consume less salt.

Asam Curry Fish Fillet (亚参加哩鱼片)-RM12.90(S), RM18.00(M), RM24.00(L)
I love the Asam Curry, very strong flavoured. It taste like those Asam Laksa but thicker gravy. However with the fish fillet, it is a bit disappointed. I was told they use Dory Fish as the fish fillet. I think they should use fresh fish fillet like snapper or others which will give an advantage to the dish. 'Cos I always think that Dory fish is only best consume in Fish n Chips or other pan fried dishes but not strong flavoured dishes.

Butter Cream Pork(牛油肉)-RM14.90(S), RM22.00(M), RM28.00(L)
I personally love butter cream dishes no matter it is served with pork or chicken. This butter cream pork dish is quite special as it served with You Tiao. The dish was nice but it is overly sweet. I'm not sure whether this dish should be served in sweet or the opposite as I know I usually eat is in salty way not sweet way.

Sweet and Sour (Vinegar) Pork Leg(猪脚醋)-RM14.90(S), RM22.00(M), RM28.00(L)
We did not try this dish as both of us do not eat this kind of dish but it was said by the owner that it was one of the famous dish in this restaurant. Maybe I 'll try this dish when bring my parent there next time.

Claypot Station Restaurant (煲煲香)
No. 23-1, Jln PJU 5/12,
Dataran Sunway, PJU 5,
Kota Damansara, 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-61481030
Business Hour: 11.00am-3.30pm, 5.30pm-11.00pm(Daily)

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