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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sekinchan Trip

Once again, I have reach the village of paddy plantation. This is my second time to visit Sekinchan, I have posted in 2010 post about Sekinchan but I did not mention much details about the food and the road trip. So this time, I will present a new post of Sekinchan trip I went with my bf and his friends. We depart from KL around 10.30am and reach there around 1pm. We stopped at a restaurant named Restoran Guan Hwat as usual. They are famous for the local as I know. They are 6 of us and the portion we ordered are for 4 pax which is suggested by the waitress.

Fried Lala- RM13.00
The Lala indeed very fresh and taste great with a bowl of rice. 

Chilli Prawn-RM15.00
This is the must try dish. Every table will sure order this dish. I can ensure that you can't find any of this in KL. Small little fresh prawns cook with chilli. It is a bit spicy for those who can't take spicy food. But this is really NICE! Thumb up!

Fried Golden Snapper-RM17.00
Taste quite nice, I love it because the fish is fresh and do not have fishy smell. Good!!

Stir Fried Spinach-RM7.00

Restoran Guat Hwat
Lot 2942, Jln Bagan,Sekinchan, Selangor.
Tel: 016-6165346
Open from 7.00 a.m. – 2.oo p.m.Closed on Tuesdays

Next, we went to through the paddy fields. It is the season of growing for this time of period. Harvest period just past last month. We were searching for the soya bean drink in the middle of the Paddy Field which is sell by an old lady but unfortunately she did not open that day. So we went to the nearest and bigger temple at the Paddy field area.

Third Station: Bukit Malawati- Kuala Selangor
So we went Bukit Malawati to watch Monkeys again. Not like last time, we were force to drive up the hills as no trains were provided at that time. But this time, we went on Sunday, so we have to take a train that provided to the top of the hill and Fish Park that costs RM3.00 per person only.

We have reached!
The train that left us to the monkeys.

Warning: Don't carry any food or beverages with you, or you will get attack by the monkeys!
Monkeys' weakness: Bring any animal toys with you to scare away the monkey.
Monkeys! Monkeys on the road! They are the King here.
If you want to feed the monkeys, there is always place to sell those food for monkeys. Only RM1.00 for long beans to be feed to the monkeys. Look at the top of the containers, a lion toys..Yes! it is use to scare away the monkeys.
Besides than the monkeys, there is a museum about the historical of Kuala Selangor for everyone who are interested and the admission is FREE.
Light house was placed there too, Not really sure whether it is still working.

Fish park- there are few types of fish placed there in the aquarium. I didn't took any photos of them. Besides, there is also some birds and rabbits which placed in the cages. Look at the photo above, nice sight seeing unfortunately the water was polluted..sadly to say that..

Fourth Station- Beach
We went to the beach at Kuala Selangor, not really sure about the name but it is sure one of the famous beach with people playing kites around there. To our curiosity about flying a kite, we bought a kite and turn the time back to our younger days.
Everyone was trying to fly the kite. We manage to fly as high as possible but when it touches my hand, everything just falling apart. I guess taking photos still my thing than ruin everyone's effort on making the kite fly high. ;)

Fifth Station: Dinner at Kedai Stemboat Kampung
Again we came to the same restaurant we had last year. We were actually planing to have dinner at one famous restaurant but it was full booked that day so we are force to come here again. It was said that the price is more expensive than any other restaurants around here but compare to KL, it is still consider cheap.

Don't expect to find any nice coconut here, we were craving for coconut maybe due to the weather.

Tom Yam Prawn in Coconut-RM19.00
Due to the small coconut , they also provide a bowl of tom yam soup in case the soup is not enough from the coconut. The Tom Yam soup very thick, sour and spicy.Whoa..Nice!Just simply love it.

Fried Prawn Mantis with Kung Po-RM12.00
I can't said how nice it is any more but it is good. The prawn mantis is very fresh. All the seafood sold here are indeed very fresh.  The taste is strong, just suit for my taste.:)

Fried Belacan Kangkung-RM5.00

Fried Crayfish-RM35.00
Crayfish are freshwater crustaceans resembling from small lobsters. It is called 虾婆 in Chinese. We didn't know what is was when we ordered as it was suggested by my friend's cousin to try this dish. It was new to that village as he said. It is like prawn mantis, a bigger version. I'm not sure how it is cook because we said we want crayfish, the waitress did not ask for cooking method, we let her decide. But it came out to be great, just the meat in the crayfish really little.

Butter Cream Crab-RM42.00 (1 Kg)
I like this butter cream. The crabs were big size too, not those small small one that I ate in KL. Very good maybe it was very fresh. As I said before, all the seafood here are fresh because it is a fish village in Kuala Selangor.
Salted Egg Crab-RM45.00(1 Kg)
This not bad too, but a bit dry when it cook with salted egg. Can't really taste the salted egg except the outer layer of the shell. But this dish, they choose to use the female crab that have egg. Salted egg plus crab egg..this is a lot..
Deep Fried Squid-RM10
Did I see the price wrongly, no it is only RM10. At this price I can only find in hawker stall in Penang but this is a restaurant. It taste very crunchy on the outside and juicy. Within 5 minutes, clean plate! 

Kedai Steamboat Kampung 鱼鄉火锅小馆
Lot 66, Jalan Pasir Penambang,
45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor
Tel no: 012-6554277/ 016-2582163

So after the dinner, we went back KL. A great journey to Sekinchan once a while. Nice place!


Mrs Kho said...

Nice picture,good food,we plan to tastit soon!Big thanks!

Unknown said...

Bigfoot said....
How to get to Sekinchan from KL ??

Su Fen said...

As I know is my friend used the road to KLIA to go to sekinchan.

Carissa Lai said...

Hi,may I know that any public transport to go to Sekinchan?

Carissa Lai said...

Hi,may I know that there are any public transport from KL to Sekinchan?

Su Fen said...

Hi 藍葉子, I think there is Buses to Sekinchan, maybe you can go Puduraya to ask about.

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