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Friday, October 28, 2011

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant | Subang Jaya

Let me bring you back to my favourite Japanese food which I have not reviewing about Japanese Food for one month now. My friend recommended me to try out this place after all it is quite famous in Subang. There are a few Japanese Restaurants that located the same row as Rakuzen and it might be a bit confusing on your choice of restaurant to visit. I was told that Rakunzen was the first Japanese Restaurant to start their business there and years by years, others restaurants build up. There are a few outlets in KL like Sri Hartamas and Empire Shopping Mall. In addition, Kura (One World Hotel) and  Hokkaido Ichiba (The Garden) are owned by them too. From all of the outlets, my friend still prefer the first outlet which is Rakuzen Subang.

It was quite packed that day when we arrived although the clock is showing 8.45pm. You can still see lots of people lining up to wait for their seat. There are two floors in the restaurants and we got ourselves the ground floor which is a bit noisy compare to the upper one.

I was browsing through their website and saw that they are having Autumn Special Dishes, you can view the menu below:

Let's look at what I have ordered during the visit.
Chuka Iidako-RM10
I just simply love Baby Octopus. I can't missed to order one since I'm in Japanese Restaurant. Although the plate they served was a bit small, but the size of the Baby Octopus aren't small at all. For that price and that size, I should have order more. Of course the Baby Octopus is fresh, it is really fresh. With some sesame of it,  it is irresistible!

S. Nameko Udon-RM18
"Nameko" mean a type of small amber brown mushroom that is normally cooked with miso soup. I love Udon's soup more than Ramen's soup, always clear and sweet. This potion is quite big for me, I did not manage to finish to whole bowl myself. But I really like it very much.

Salmon Skin-RM12
Crispy, crunchy, brittle and light. A flavourful snack to me. You can not stop eating it, it make you love it even more with every bite. A few drop of soya sauce onto the salmon skin add more flavour into it.

Spider Maki-RM22
Spider Maki is actually a rolled sushi filled with flavoured soft shell crab. It is served with mayonnaise on top and fish roe all over the roll. The potion is a bit small, only suitable for 2 person or even 1 person but the Maki is quite compact.

Unajyu Zen-RM48

Unajyu Zen is where Unagi is served on top of the rice with the sauce, a bit different from Unagi Zen where Unagi and rice are separated onto different plate and bowl. So, it really depends on one's taste whether to like it mix up or separate. My friend like the sauce to absorb into the rice which give more flavour to the whole dish. Unajyu Zen come with miso soup, chawan mushi, potatoes salad and fruits. My friend complaint about the potion that is getting smaller as the Unagi is only served one piece where last time they served two pieces. Overall the taste is still no bad. 

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant
No.15, Jalan SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia. 603-55804717

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