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Friday, May 18, 2012

2nd Experience @ Mureung Dowon (CLOSED)

To much of my delight, I saw the groupon voucher for Mureung Dowon up for sale again in early March and I bought it immediately without a thought. This time the voucher was RM30 for RM50 worth of BBQ pork belly strips + 8 refillable side dishes, any additional orders are also discounted by 20%. We tried to book a place next week on a short notice, but it was full and we didn't think much about it. This time, we found that they have added their own menu book with more variety of food and with Pajeon too.Seem like they heard my suggestion! However, we didn't order it this time.:(
We finally had the time and arranged for a booking during last weekend. The place was like usual but with much more customers and it was quite noisy. However, I was very, very disappointed with my visit this time, let me tell you why.

Last time, even though we booked for two persons they still gave us a table for four, as the tables are divided by rooms and I really did appreciate the privacy they offered to us. This time however, we were seated together with another couple in a bigger room, and I have to say that both us and them were very, very quiet and very shy throughout the whole dinner. Anything you say can be easily heard by them seating just beside you.

Never mind that, but the biggest problem, was the food.

For those who haven't read my first post about Mureung Dowon, you can find it here: This time the voucher didn't include the Doenjang Jigae and so it was cheaper; we were very full last time and so we didn't mind much about the stew anyway...

Once they served the pork belly, we were shocked. The portion was greatly reduced.( nd it stated in the voucher it is for potion of 2 persons)..just take a look at the comparison between the previous and the current portion below:
 (Top) BBQ Pork Belly, latest

(Top) BBQ Pork Belly as well, November 2011

Yes, I counted. Previously they gave 11 slices of pork belly + king mushrooms and one whole green onion. Now, they only gave 5 slices. And look at the quality of the meat, obviously the meat in 2011 had much less fat and looked much fresher than the ones we had now. Sensing that the portion may not be enough, we decided to order two additional steam rice, and one serving of Doenjang Jigae.
Not to mention, the lettuce was much fewer right now... Maybe they wanted to discourage wastage, we can understand.

The BBQ meat tastes much or less the same. Added with the sauce and wrapped together with the lettuce and side dishes, they still taste great.

Although the meat has been fully cooked, the side dishes still have not arrived yet. Bear in mind, I'm just simply uploading the pictures based on the order they were taken.

Waiting much longer later, finally our stew arrived first. It was boiling hot and tasted the same...
Doenjang Jigae- RM20.00
Since my last visit here, I have been to many other Korean restaurants and I have to say, RM20.00 for a Doenjang Jigae with only Tofu and Vegetables as the ingredient isn't worth it at all.

Finally the side dishes arrived at the same time as the stew. Not much different from the last time but it has one less side dish now. We also heard that you can only refill your side dishes for a maximum of 2 times only.

So there you have it. We were very impressed with Mureung Dowon in our first visit but this time, the reduction in the quantity as well as the quality of the dining experience is simply too much to accept. We can understand if prices of raw materials are going up and the restaurant may cut back on the portions a little... But the restaurant has simply set a standard too high for itself to follow and sustain its operations. Even the couple beside us were constantly compla.... opps, sorry, I shouldn't have eavesdropped! :)

Will I be back anymore? Probably will not until they sustain back their quality and services.

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