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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Brogal Hill

Today, we ( me, MW, Stephie and Mr. Wong) went hiking at Brogal Hill in Semenyih. We gathered at Mr. Wong's house at 3pm. Started our journey about 3.30pm. Since all of us do not know the way to Brogal hill so we just take a risk to search for it according to a blogger's post. Whoa..damn adventuress..haha..

We used Puchong road to Kajang then to Semenyih since the hill is near Semenyih. We got to the wrong road twice but luckily we got ourself out from the wrong highway and found Semenyih road. We move according to the Kajang signboard, until sometime it will show Semenyih but it was shown twice only in all the signboard so it's a bit confusing. Later when it shown the Semenyih signboards all the way, we have to take note of Jalan Semenyih because it's the road to Brogal Hill but we missed it so we take a big round back and luckily we saw some signboards wrote least we are not lost. After saw the second Petronas Station(we were confuse since there have 2 petronas), we came by a traffic light before the petrol station, turn to left where the Brogal hill located.On the way to Brogal Hill, we past by Nottingham University that is located at your left hand side.

Before we continue our journey to Brogal hill, Mr. Wong wanted to have a light meal before we hike then we saw a restaurant named Pokok Jati Restaurant which is famous for it Ikan Bakar. Instantly, we decided to have a try. We ordered a ikan bakar but end up it's a steam fish (just that it's wrap in a foil and bakar under fire and it's named ikan baker..damn swt), kangkung and 春卷but it came out to be fried fish paste. Anyway, the boss there is so lan si. I don't reckon you all to go.

We continue our journey at 5.20pm. We still have to go about 500M until we came by a Rabbit Fun Land which will located on the right hand side. The road to Brogal Hill is just opposite the Rabbit land. We parked our car in the palm oil land. On the way up the hill, the two sides of the road were all oil palm. We started to climb the hill till the end. Actually it have two hills, we thought we have arrived when we reach the top of 1st hill but eventually there is another hill higher than the 1st one. After some resting, we continue to climb the 2nd hill. The sceneries there were nice..and when you reached the top, it gave me a feeling of calm and relax. I love the air there, we got the chance to see sunset but not really can see the beautiful sunset like on the beach. The cold wind kept blowing when we nice.

During the journey climb the hill, we faced a problem which is my friend Stephie who faced some problem when climbing. She kept on saying she can not make it and do not wish to continue. She was going to turn back but after some advices from us, at last she got up to the top with us. Stephie, just believe in yourself, don't ever let your body shape be a stop for you to do everything. You can do it..Jia you..Fen yi always support you oh..

About 7 smthing, we went down the hill with another group of people. Then we went to Kajang to have satay before we end today journey. Lastly, I like to thank Mr. Wong who became our driver of the day and let us have such wonderful hiking for today. " I have climb Brogal Hill before, yeah!!!" which is a beautiful memory that will be store in my mind now.

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Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

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