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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

台湾风味情(Taiwan Fast Food) -One Stop Midland

I have a gathering here after the place we supposed to held no electricity. Taiwan Fast Food is the name of the restaurant. There is 2 outlet for this restaurant- Gurney and Midland. We went to the Midland Park outlet because I recall the place is not that crowded and suitable for us big group to have gathering. It is located at Pulau Tikus opposite Adventis Hospital. I like the place, cozy and warm, just nice for a cup of tea after a busy day.

I like this drink section especially when I order for pearl milk tea, I can see how the waitress there use a special machine to make the milk tea...and it come with a sound..gong gong gong..

Currently they are having a promotion for member card holder, for any 4 set meals you order, you will get a side order for free. To be a member card holder, you just have to pay RM5 for whole life and you can enjoy 10% discount for all food and drink every visit.

The meal came with set and ala carte. Most of us order set because it is came with a drink (6 choices), a soup, a dessert (cake) and main dish. Here are the sets we have ordered, besides we get 3 free side dishes since we have order 14 set meals. Just a recommendation to you all if you visit here, try the pearl milk tea, it is thick and taste very good. I was impressed when I first taste it, better than Chatime milk tea that I loved.
14. Pork Rib Rice (豆拌酱排骨饭)
RM10.90 (ala carte), RM16.90 (set)

11. Chicken Chop Noodle (香鸡排面)
 RM10.50 (ala carte),RM 16.50 (set)

12. Braised Pork Rice(卤肉饭)
RM5.90(ala carte), RM10.90(set)
I ordered this one, it taste normal but with a lot of shredded pork.

13. Mix Spicy Rice (杂酱饭)
RM6.90 (ala carte), RM11.90 (set)

S4. Fried Dumpling (锅贴)

S5. Yan Su Chicken 盐 酥鸡
Must try! it is crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside.

 18. Eel Stew Rice (鳗鱼盖饭)
RM15.90(ala carte), RM23.90 (set)

 7. Three cup Chicken Rice (三杯鸡饭)
RM10.50 (ala carte), RM16.50 (set)

 S3. Egg Pancake(蛋饼)
Must try! very special, look like popiah but taste like pancake.It is very nice and good combination with pancake skin and filling of shredded pork.

Our Taichi group, I'm so happy to have you all this three years in USM..I hope to see you all in future or in my convocation. 

488D-01-02 Midlands Centre,
Burma Road, 10350 Penang
Tel: 04-2295922

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