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About Me

Ever since I was introduced blogging in 2005, it become my hobby and online diary. I always like to keep a backup copy of my diary just in case one day I lost my hardcopy diary and I can always refer back to my blog. I started to blog about food in 2010 and the love and hate situation begin when you have tons of food waiting for you to review and to share it to the whole world. Besides, travelling is also part of my hobby. I love sharing experiences that I gained from travelling and of course-food around the world in my blog. I'm more activate in writing travel post these days too.

I never thought blogging can be so much fun where you could share all your reviews with people all over the world and get positive feedbacks. Days, months and years, followers, fans and friends who always waiting to read the excitement of my post. Really thank you everyone who are following me all these years.

And not to forget, I'm so lucky to have a great camera man and cum. lovely partner with me these year to contribute his lovely photos in my blog. I don't really need a camera or photography skills to improve my photos anymore, I just need HIM! 

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