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Friday, December 03, 2010

Be@rbrick @ Isetan

I was going through Isetan website few minute ago and found out in conjunction with the coming Christmas celebration. This year, Isetan bring us Merry Green Christmas- a christmas charity campaign. The most important thing is..have a look at the poster below..What do you see? Yes Be@rBrick. I am so excited now, can't wait to drive myself all the way to Garden now to get one. Aren't they cute? Oh my..I'm getting crazy now.I want! I want! 

Be@rbrick will be selling in Isetan from 3 Dec-16 Dec 2010.It came with 4 colour-green, blue, pink and metalic silver. Which colour should I get? or I should get all of them? :)

Beside that, there is also some product from Anna Sui. Look at the poster below to check out yourself. Maybe I should get the T-shirt as well? Should I or should I not?

 Let us see how we can help in this Christmas by doing some charity:

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