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Monday, December 20, 2010

Medan Selera PJ, Old Town

I went to had lunch few days ago in PJ old town. After 2 years of studying in USM, this is the 1st time I'm back to this place. My dear like this place very much because he used to be his hang out place when school time with his friends. Today, I'll like to introduce what famous food in this place. 

1st will be the Kie Kee chicken rice. What is it so nice about? I'm not sure but I know everyone come here for chicken rice. The taste is normal to me.

 RM 5.00 (chicken with BBQ pork)

RM5.00 (chicken with chicken intestine)

2nd is the Ice Kacang at 46 stall. I can see most tables will called for it (chap-xu in Cantonese). The portion very small but taste not bad.  

 RM2.10 (if not mistaken)

3rd will be the Yong Tau Fu stall. I did not try before but seem very popular too. Many people call for ta bao (take away). Maybe I'll try next time.

4th will be the pork satay. Just next two stalls of the Yong Tau Fu stall. I have not try this also but seem to be famous because it is pork! Next time I'll come back to try it.

Another thing I saw when I walk into the Medan Selera is lots of people eating banana leaf rice (indian food), of course all I saw was Indian eating there. Chinese people of course will eat at the opposite side. When you are there, you sure know what I mean. Indian food sound nice to me also. I'll try it our someday.

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