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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Summer Taiwan Trip with Baby 1 year old- Taichung

Our 1st Taiwan trip with little one. Both of us never actually went to Taiwan together but I decided to have a try this summer. It wasn't a pleasant trip especially to travel on summer time, the weather in Taiwan was super hot. We also experienced earthquake and typhoon during our trip but luckily we were not at the affected area. It was overall a good experience but I would recommend to bring children along at least 4-5 years old where they could walk and sit on adult chair during meal time. Taiwan wasn't as child friendly as I think it is, at least not during meal time, most of the dinning place do not have baby chair!

For this 7 days 6 nights trip, I only planned to visit two places- Taipei and Taichung as we don't want to be too rush on our trip by going too many places plus we don't know whether our baby can take it as well. 

Here is the itinerary:

Day 1: KUL-->Taipei-->Taichung
We took Ubus from Taoyuan International Airport to Taichung.
Hotel: Park City Hotel, Taichung

Day 2: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art--> Park Lane by CMP--> National Taichung Theater--> Rainbow Village--> Luce Memorial Chapel-->Gaomei Wetlands Sunset --> Feng Jia Night Market

Day 3: Taiwan Museum of Suncake--> Miyahara-->Taichung Old Train Station--> Taichung Bus Station-->Taipei
Hotel: Ambience Hotel, Taipei

Day 4: Taipei Zoo--> Syntrend Mall

Day 5: Ximending Youth Shopping District--> Taipei Tianhou Temple--> Clothing Shopping Outlet in Wufenpu-->Raohe Night Market

Day 6: Houtong-->Shifen-->Jiufen

Day 7: Taipei--> KUL

I managed to get flight ticket from Eva Air at a very reasonable for around RM 850 per adult round trip. Child another RM 400 without a seat. 

For the first day, we reach Taoyuan Airport around 5.30pm and we took Ubus to Taichung directly. We decided to take bus to Taichung rather than taking the train (don't need to change train with bulky luggage), straight to Taichung with a journey of 2 and half hours. It is a smooth journey. Bus to Taichung cost around NT 300 per person.

There are few stops that Ubus can drop you off, along the road to the last station-Taichung Bus Station. We dropped off at Taichung Bus Station and took a taxi to our hotel.

We stayed at Park City Hotel Central Taichung. I booked the Combined Twin room which came with a super large King size bed. A night is approximately RM 250 with breakfast which is quite reasonable.

Bathroom came with bathtub as well, easy to bath for our baby.
On our Day 2, we first visit the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art. We took a public bus just 1 min walk away from our hotel. Remember to get the Easycard, or 悠遊卡 at MRT station or 7-eleven /Family Mart at NT 100 (without top up) to hop on the bus. Travelling on public bus in Taichung city within 10km is free so don't miss this benefit. You can get the Hotel staff to assist you to check the bus # to get to your destination.There is an bus app that the Hotel staff use to check on the bus# and time of arrival. In Taichung, basically there is no train available to travel around the city, you need to get the public bus or taxi.

In National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, there is a play area and library for children on the ground floor. The kids can make crafts, drawing, reading and play there, no entrance fee required.

We had our lunch at Bafang Dumpling 八方雲集 on the way to Park Lane by CMP. We didn't have time to visit Park Lane as we spend half of the day at the Museum.

We really love their dumpling and it is quite cheap too. Total we paid NT 235 only for our lunch.

We booked the Half day Tour: Gaomei Wetlands and Rainbow Village with KKDAY for RM97 per adult & RM 26 per child. It is a good deal since travelling to both places required hired car/taxi. We went to few places other than Gaomei Wetlands & Rainbow Village during the tour, but it was quite rush for us especially we are carrying a baby with us. 

National Taichung Theater

Inside National Taichung Theater

Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village

Luce Memorial Chapel
Gaomei Wetlands Sunset
Unfortunately it was typhoon in Taipei during our visit which also indirectly affect Taichung. The wind was strong and we aren't allow to go down directly to the windmill area. So the tour bus stop somewhere further that we could take photo from far. 

Feng Jia Night Market
We chose our last stop of the tour at Feng Jia Night Market since we can have dinner there and take a taxi back to our hotel. A good experience for baby to explore the colourful night market!

We found this Beef Samurai restaurant in one of the alley of Feng Jia Night Market. It turns out to be very good. The plus point is they provide baby chair in the restaurant. I would definitely drop by this shop again if visit Taichung in future.  

We were so hungry that we ordered 3 don to share among.

PS: Don't bring along stroller for this tour. There is a lot of hop in and hop out of the bus you need to do which it is NOT convenient to carry a baby stroller. 

Our last day in Taichung, it pretty much a short trip but if I have chance again I would extend a longer stay. It is the day we have to depart back to Taipei. Due to the typhoon strike on our trip Day 2, all train to Taipei has stopped, so we have no choice to take Ubus back to Taipei.
We dropped by the Taiwan Museum of Suncake to buy their famous Suncake before we head to Miyahara for some Ice-Cream.I didn't get the chance to take photo of the Suncake that I bought, all have been distributed out to family. You can try out their Suncake before purchase to ensure you like the taste. I'm personally do not fancy that kind of biscuit but it is definitely a nice souvenir for family.


Inside Miyahara

All biscuits are packed in really nice packaging like CD cover. So impressive!
Ice cream time, basically anytime you come there is a queue outside the ice-cream section. The staff will hang you the paper to choose your ice cream flavour and the size. More than 50 types of ice cream flavours serve in the shop.

We got 2 scoop of ice-cream each with the basket wafer and 2 sides to add on. Total around NT360. The downside of the place is you have to stand outside the shop to eat the ice-cream. There isn't any chairs prepare outside or inside the shop for dine in. If you have baby with you, better get a stroller or carrier.

Before we left to the Bus station, we dropby the old train station which is just walking distance for photo taking.

Last but not least, our lunch at the Taichung Bus Station before we board our bus. We picked this shop-Thefreen Burger, very small corner shop at the end of bus station. Surprisingly,  the burgers turn out to be quite good with reasonable price too. We really enjoy the meal with our baby playing around with her fries. Again, the place do not provide any baby chair, I will have to carry my daughter on my lap.

That's all my post for Taichung trip for now. I will update on the trip back to Taiwan soon.

Stay tuned!


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