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Thursday, December 09, 2010

ELLE Warehouse Sale 2-12 Dec 2010

I went to Hotel Sri Petaling today to have a look on the warehouse sale that have been on since 2nd Dec. 3 sale were on at Hotel Sri Petaling Function room. You can see from the banner below.

I went in to the ELLE department 1st. Many clothes and shoes are sold there, price range from RM16 and above. No more stock for RM19 sport shoes. Mostly are those 50% offer clothes that we can find in ELLE shops now. I just get myself a pair of trouser. No many suitable clothes for me but for those who fancy ELLE high heels, there are a lot of choices.

 On the other side is another warehouse sale for kid apparel, Carefree, Clean & Clear and Neutrogene.

There is also 70% offer on Clinelle product. That is worth but unfortunately I have stop using it 1 year ago. I help my room mate bought 2 bottle of Milk Cleaner for only RM11 each (normal price is RM36+). I bought a compact powder for only RM9 (normal price is RM30+).

I like the compact powder cover which is white in colour and come with 2 small powder puffs.

End of my shopping today. :)

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