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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wok's Restaurant-D'Piazza Mall

I went to have dinner with some friends before we went to Kek Lok See. We came to this restaurant as many  restaurants seem to close that day. This restaurant just has a very short name called Wok, which mean pan. It is located at D'Pizza Mall which is next to D'Food Garden. I went to search about this restaurant online but seem like no blogger review about this restaurant yet. So, let me review here. Lets see what we have ordered for that day.

Since it is our 1st time to be there, usually I like to ask the waiter or waitress to recommend their famous dishes and of course, the waitress there recommended us the following dishes:

Golden Fried Rice-RM9.90
This was the 1st dish the waitress recommended saying it is the most hottest dish where I cant see where any special about it. The taste was very plain, not fragrant at all. Even those hawker stall fried rice is better than this one, I'm sure!

 Crispy Seafood Noodles-RM10.80
This noodles taste not bad, I think the chef put some vinegar inside because when I tasted the gravy, I smell vinegar. The fish balls in there was not normal fish balls but fish ball with meats inside. I don't really fancy about it because of it's heavy meat smell.  Overall it still ok but to say it to be good, not really.

 Oyster Noodles-RM8.80
I didn't manage to taste this dish but I think it should be not bad. It contains lots of oysters and cockles (kerang) but it came with yellow noodles but my friend manage to change it to emperor noodles.

Seafood Green Tom Yam with noodles (but can change to rice)
The green tom yam was very very very spicy. I mean it is really spicy. For those who cant take spicy food, better don't order. It is a warning or you will end up drinking a lot of water. The green tom yam was spicy but the soup was not thick enough, it is like a bowl of water add with green tom yam powder. Normally I order green tom yam from Thai Restaurant but this is totally different. So, don't expect Thai Green Tom Yam like I do.

Wok's Restaurant
70-1-27 D'Piazza Mall

Jalan Mahsuri
Bayan BaruPenang 11900


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