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Friday, March 11, 2011

Release for awhile

Okay, finally I hang in my assignment which took me a week to complete in a rush manner.
I have been burning midnight oil for this week and again will be doing it for next few weeks I guess.
Not a good lifestyle I guess but I have no choice.
He had make me no choice.
His smile, his voice nightmare to me now.
I'm not complaint about him,
He want me to take this as encouragement.
I guess he think he will change us to be like him?
Nope, nothing change us.
I'm still me, sitting in front of the computer blogging.
I still have one week to go before A remember me.
My FYP is dusty now...where is A?
Nevermind, I guess I will finish it and throw everything to him,
let him stress..wahaha...
watch a movie or two before I continue then...

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