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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe- Strait Quay

The first Charlie Brown in Malaysia is now in Penang, Strait Quay. I didn't manage to go for their 1st day opening at 9th April 2011. But it seem to disappoint lots of people on their soft launch, no air-con, everything is mess up? Alright, I went with my bunch of makan kaki this time. I am a fan of Charlie Brown, can't wait to introduce all these to you all. Anyway, order are make upon the counter, just like a fast-food restaurant concept and you will be given a number for your order.
Charlie Brown's carpet on the front door..look like a cookies to me.. 

 Above photo are the different pictures on the table in the cafe. Each tables represented by one character.
Once you step inside, you can see all the walls and even the ceiling are full with Charlie Brown's characters. I can feel like Charlie Brown is alive and standing beside me no matter where I stand. Videos are played in cafe in 2 different places but very surprising as it was played in Chinese instead of English. 

Let's look at the food in the cafe, but it was really disappointed me. The price was not par with the quality of the food. I guess many was complaint about it since the opening day. I think they need to hired more professional chefs in the cafe, at least not the one they have now.

New York Cheese-RM6.80
Not bad but it is tasteless. Not even a smell of cheese from it.

Lemon Cheese-RM6.80
One bite triggered my nerve as it is so sweet. I cant taste any lemon on the cheese cake but more to sugar on the upper layer that looks like jelly.

I have ordered their special beverage that day-Chocolate Soya which costs me RM11.00. It taste soya more than chocolate, quite special. My friends ordered a Chocolate drink-RM9.50 and a Coffee Mocha-RM11.00. All of us got the same picture of Lucy, I guess they saw all of us are girls (except KZ) so they specially draw Lucy for us.

Anyway, all the hot beverages will come with a drawing of either Charlie brown or Lucy. Snoopy is still on the way (the counter lady said). So order yourself a hot chocolate or hot coffee to get picture of them on your drink.

Soda Delight: Apple Mint-RM10.00

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese-RM15.80 
(but from the bill is RM17.20 without tax, which is correct?)
Taste bad. The spaghetti is very dry (do the chef know he have to put some oils while boiling the spaghetti?) The gravy taste very weird. It is like mixing tomato paste from the can directly with some chicken meat. 

After all the disappointment  to me on this cafe, will I come back? Oh yes, I love Charlie Brown too much, I will come back to see him for more. I guess I will just order a drink next time and sit there enjoy my time with him.

Charlie Brown Café @ Straits Quay
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
10470 Tanjong Tokong,
Penang Malaysia
(6) 012-426 9142
Business Hour: 11:30am unitl 11.00pm

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