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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mureung Dowon Korean Restaurant | Jalan Ampang (CLOSED)

Thanks to, I have the opportunity to visit this place. It is a Korean Restaurant at Jalan Ampang, which is located near Ampang Point, 2nd floor of CIMB bank building. It was a bit hard for me to find the place as you can only see the shop if you walk through CIMB bank but while driving, we hardly spot it. I guess it was the location that make it hard for people to come over. The location was a bit crowded during at night when all those small malay's stalls started their business at the road side. But when we arrived to Mureung Dowon, it was so much different from the outside, it is like we have arrived to a beautiful garden where the whole place was decorated by light white colour. It make the whole environment feel soft and cozy.
I bought the coupon for only RM35 to enjoy RM80 meal. It was worth as the food quite suit my taste after a few reviews on Korean Food. I like this place very much. Let me introduce what they offer from the coupon. Basically, we can choose either
Samgyeop-sal + Doenjang-Stewed + 2 Steamed Rice (2 pax)
2 Sets Of Bulgogi + 2 Steamed Rice

Since I can't take beef, so I ordered the Samgyeop-sal + Doenjang-Stewed + 2 Steamed Rice set. 

For this restaurant, they came with 9 side dishes which is called the Banchan. I like those side dishes very much especially the calms with green chilli and spicy anchovies with groundnuts. 
Since we ordered the BBQ sets,we are given a bowl of spring onions, their speciality sauce, green chillies, garlic and lettuces to go with Samgyeop-sal. I personally do not like spring onions but this impress me, I was able to eat it without complaining because it do not have the smell of spring onions plus it is very nice to go with the sauce on top.    
Samgyeop-sal is the sliced pork belly that we will wrap in the lettuce with a little of garlic, mushrooms, any kind of side dishes u prefer to go with and then we will roll up and eat it. It will be grilled by the waiter and cut it into small pieces like I have mentioned in the previous post.

Doenjang-Stewed is called soy bean-paste stew which is mede from bean paste, vegetable and tofu. I like this very much. If you can not take Kimchi Jjigae, I recommend you to order this, you will love it once you try it. I personally like Donjang Jjigae more than Kimchi Jjigae and I will order Donjang Jjigae everytime I'm in Korean Restaurant. This place really have very good  Donjang Jjigae compare to what I have try so far but the potion was a bit small.

Will I come back again? The answer yes for sure for the food. The variety of food weren't much, they have a few variety of Jjigae (Stew or soup) and some BBQ ingredients. The price was quite reasonable, to have the exact I think is around RM20 -RM40 per dish. I wanted to order Pajeon but they did not have it. I hope they can re-think to add-in on their menu. :)

Mureung Dowon
2nd Floor, Jalan Memanda 7/1,
Jalan Ampang, 68000 Ampang
Contact No.: 014-9739512/ 011-16343146 (for reservation)
Business Hours: Tueday-Sunday 11am-11pm (Break time 3pm-5pm)
Closed on Monday

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